How to: Gracefully Move Forward in Life

Happy First Day of Spring AND National Happiness Awareness Day! 


Well, recently a friend of mine asked me “How do you be single so easily?” My first instinct was to first laugh at the fact that I just got asked that because who ever just asks anyone that question?

All jokes aside, I sat down and really talked to my friend about the fact that you just have to be overall happy with yourself. It may not be every day, all day. But, overall happy. It’s sometimes not easy, but the person you are now changes and grows everyday. Think about that… You can learn something new about yourself and your capabilities everyday!

So, you just have to learn to not find someone to make you happy but you have to create your own happiness.

So, get out of your little rut!


You are only as good as your mindset!

Life will sometimes try to bring you down but you don’t go down with it. People will try to bring you down because they are already below you and others will try to help you rise because they care. Which group would you rather put your energy towards?

Rise up my friends. Because you learn a lot along the way and the meaning of true happiness.

Spread the love to ones around you.  Because you need it and so does the world. Every generation that comes into this world is gonna get a lot of pressure for making the world better. Now, the pressure is on us Millennials. Let’s set an example for the next generation, raise the bar, and help them succeed as well.

Happy spring!

Love you, later.


Millennial Note: You are MARVELOUS! (Pass it on)

Why Accepting Myself Was The Best Experience Of My Life.

The best thing I ever did in my life so far is accept myself. With that has come a lot more clarity on who I want to be and what I want out of my life… An extraordinary life! The one thing you need to acknowledge is that you do not need someone else’s approval to live the life you want for yourself.


Not everyone will be on your level or see things the way that you do and you have to be okay with that. Because the only person that needs to be on your level is yourself. So, learn to be your own best friend and understand that your value doesn’t decrease when someone doesn’t see your worth or what you’re really made of.

Be determined on giving yourself the credit you deserve. Because when you’re determine, you’re unstoppable! 


The moment you accept your true self, it’s like you were blind to life. Forgive yourself for not seeing what you were capable of and not seeing what life is really going to bring to your table. Once you believe, you start to see what you have been blind to this whole time.

Live the life you have imagined.

Hercules - I Can Go the Distance.gif


Love you, later.




Todays Note to Millennials: Start everyday with a purpose

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How To Create Boundless Opportunity In Your Life

Growing up we believe that we can take over the world. Endless possibilities will come our way and nothing will stop us when we’re older. Now that we’re older… We are the boss of our life. With that comes a lot of hard work. To create a life with an endless amount of opportunity, you have to understand the meaning of being a boss.



Believe in being strong when everything goes wrong. Believing in your past failures and the hard times show the infinite power that stands behind you. The stronger that power gets the harder it would be to push you down. Therefore, take every moment and learn from it.


Bosses set goals and grind. Not just because they want to but because they have to. If we all did work on the days we felt good, we wouldn’t get a lot of work done in our life. Pushing through and always putting that hard work first will show the endless possibilities that are in front of you. Understand that you are your own brand, you should always be busy to get people to invest their time and energy into what you can bring to the world.


Understand that success is a decision. When you take what you’ve learned, who you are, and what you can be… you are Building On Self Success and boundless opportunity is around you.

Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle.



Love you, later.


What Makes The Word “Women” Powerful?

Happy International Women’s Day! 

A lot of people think we celebrate women on this day because “We’re women.” But, it’s so much more than that. All around the world there are women who dedicate their lives to make a difference in the next generation of women. We know strong women, we stay strong women, and some work to raise strong women.

There’s so much more to the word “Women” than meets the eye. Heres why:

We are Diverse


“The art of thinking independently together”

We’re all around. Raised in a different culture, in different colored skin, different sizes, and different lives. Both men and women should feel free and strong. But its the women, half of the worlds population, that has to be pushed to the side for the way that we are suppose to be perceived or behaved.

But, together we have learned to share our voice and stand for what is right.

We are Courageous 


It takes courage to stand for what you believe in. But, a lot of the times it is taken as insanity. To walk together and sharing a common ground across the world should say a lot about what’s really important. To be a woman is powerful and others want to join that power.

“I am not ashamed to dress like a woman. Because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman.” -Iggy Pop


We are here


We believe in who we are, who we want to be, and know what we want in the world. So, we take International Women’s Day to really appreciate, reflect, and teach the next generation of women to make a difference.

We have been silenced before. Thats why now we realize the important of our voice. 

Love you, Later.


The Hidden Beauty of Being an Unwritten Millennial

What does being “Unwritten” mean?

I believe that everyone is a little unwritten. But, especially the Millennial generation and other people who are starting a new chapter in their journeys. Being unwritten is about being the voice of your own story. Not exactly knowing what’s going to be on the next page because there’s no rule book or plan that needs to be followed for your life. We’re undefined, we’re unpredictable, and we enjoy the ride!


Being an Unwritten Millennial feels like a drop of magic only you can feel for yourself. It’s empowering, scary, and freeing all at once. No one can really speak the words that come out of your mouth, we live our life with arms wide open, we color outside the lines, and strive for happiness.

We trust the magic of our beginnings. 

I work and go to school, but a lot of my time and energy goes into trying to become who I am. That is what being unwritten is all about. Everyday you get closer to that person that you envision for yourself and you make yourself a little more proud. The closer you get, the more you realize that nothing is untouchable!


I get asked so many times what I’m going to do after this chapter of my life is over and I don’t have an exact plan. I have a bucket list of things I would like to do in my life and with my passion. But, sometimes you really can’t put into words exactly what you want to do if no one has done it yet. Therefore, why should I be expected to find a job that relates to my passion than make my passion my job? 

I’ve realized that my outlook on life is a little different, but maybe that’s exactly what my generation needs. Maybe I can be one of the voices of my generation, I don’t know. But, I do know who I want to be and every page in my story will follow that.

The page that is being written in your story now is now. Make every moment count.


Love you, later.

-Mik ♥


The Essential Traits to becoming Unforgettable

The biggest impression from first meeting people is their personality. How they made us feel, how we will remember them, and what we learn from them. Sometimes, you’ll meet someone for a short amount of time but will have such an impact on your life for the right reasons. I’ve always said that the people you know will change you, good or bad, you always take away a trait from the people you’re around.

What makes you a memorable person in this world and why?



Uniqueness, to me, is more of the vibe that others share to the world that you can’t really explain. Sometimes, it’s simple to you but not others. For me, I’ve always been the girl that people confide in for advice and talk about their problems too. I’ve never understood why but I believe that it’s the vibe that I’m a welcoming person to be around and I look at life in a different perspective than other people do.  Your vibe is your uniqueness and people will always remember the way you make them feel. Even when you don’t realize it.




I’ve always said confidence is contagious. Everyone always wants a little extra confidence in their life. Therefore, when you meet someone who is confident you kind of believe that you can be too. A confident person realizes there strengths and accepts their weaknesses. It’s a feeling of already feeling empowered enough in your own body that no one can really break you down.




Your pride says a lot about you. When a person takes pride in what shaped them to be the person they are today, it’s inspiring. Tyler Perry is a great example of this. He was creating scripts for shows and movies while living in his car. As hard as it must have been for him,  he’s explained that not only is he proud of how far he has come but how living out of his car really built his character and he wouldn’t take it back. Now when I see Tyler Perry, I respect him a whole lot more than I already did and it’s because he takes so much pride in the events that made him who he is today and there are so many more people in the world like that.

“People will never forget how you made them feel”



 Love you, later. 





The Most Effective Way to get your Creativity Noticed

Being a creator in this world is one of the most passionate things you can do in your lifetime. Making music, writing, art, and etc. There are so many creative people in this world that haven’t been recognized. Why is that? Well, there are multiple different reasonings on why. But, one that really sticks out to me is basically “giving up.”


Giving up isn’t all about laziness but sometimes fear or feeling unmotivated in what they’re accomplishing and who is really seeing it. For instance, I put in more work and thought into the content I post for my readers and my future readers. As much as I want the major traffic, followers, and collaborations now on this blog. I know it will come in time but I see it forming pretty nicely. So, putting in at least a little bit of work towards it a day is going to help accomplish my goal.

But here is one simple must-have tip to stay motivated to create and grow your audience:

Connect with your early adapters



What is an early adapter?

An early adapter are the first people that really recognize and acknowledge what you have created for the world.

Whether it’s a product, brand, or service everyone has at least a couple of early adapters to connect with. Simply connecting with your early adapters is about sustaining a relationship so that they can help shape the future of your creation.

Creating simply isn’t enough when you don’t acknowledge the people that are believing in your beginning.

 Taking time to understand the audience and sustaining the relationship with them can bring loyalty and trust for more to come. When they share, more people will pay attention to you and so forth. But they can also bring a different point of view to what you want to bring to your creations. Getting some helpful tips on what they would love to see from you and helpful criticism is pretty crucial for your beginning. It keeps you motivated to keep going but it also shows that people really care for what you bring to the world.

Start to understand your potential is endless and do what you were created to do.


Love you, later.





3 Lifechanging Tips for Your Next Chapter

Starting a new chapter in your life can be pretty scary. Whether you’re starting off in a new place or maybe graduating college. This chapter could bring a lot to the story and maybe bring some of the best adventures in your life.

Talking to a couple of good friends that are going to graduate I noticed a little bit of hesitation in which routes to take for their future. Do they look for a forever job now, or take advantage of opportunities that are coming their way? They’re smart, driven, and can definitely make a difference in this world. So, it made me think of these three tips to help them easily take the next steps in their life and for the right reasons.

You don’t need to know exactly where you will end upjoker.gif

Start now to understand that plans will change. Little or big. You can never really know what will come your way and change the game you thought was going to be your life. So, don’t freak out about going in a specific direction and thinking it will be your forever.

Take advantage of the right opportunities 


Hidden opportunities are all around us. Sometimes they are looked as something to do now until something “better” or “real” comes a long. But these can actually teach you some of the best things that will benefit you in your future. When an opportunity that comes to you that possibly won’t come to other people are some of the best life experiences that will come into your life.

Value relationships 


We’re growing up. The things we learn with guide us and the people we love push us to be better. In the future, linking up with future boss babes that have a job that you want or want to work with can be easy with simply respecting one another. Learn now not burn bridges now.

Make yourself proud. 

Love you, later. 


The Hidden Secrets Behind Comparison

In some way shape or form, we all compare ourselves to others. Whether it’s someone we glanced at for a minute throughout the day or someone we may look up to and their journey. But, when you really start to understand what your comparing… Is it really worth it? Here are three reasons I believe why comparing your dream success to others is going to bring you nothing but failure.

Brings insecurity 


When you compare your beginning to someone else’s success.. You will wonder if you’re worthy enough for such an amazing story or if you can even surpass the things this other person has accomplished. Well, if you really want to succeed.You have to understand that its not about surpassing someone else’s lifestyle. When they first started like you are right now they probably surpassed their own expectations of what they thought was going to be their success.

You’re not motivated to put in the work 


Comparing can also bring a bit of depression. If it’s not someone that you want to be like in the future, it could be someone that you have  known for a while.  Your lives are completely different. As we were going up we were always taught to finish school, get a degree,  get a job, start a family, and then live for your family. Sometimes that’s not the case because life happens and we can’t do anything about it. So, seeing someone that may be moving in the direction you wish your life was going will make you feel like “this is it.” When you and a friend both start at chapter one and their chapter may be going a little faster than yours.. doesn’t mean it’s not as interesting and won’t turn into a best seller!


You only see one perspective of success


Looking at someone else’s life from the outside looking in is never the best way to look at the story. Think about all the nights you may have stayed up late working or had a breakdown because life wasn’t really going the way you wanted it to. You never really tell anyone but the people you truly love, right? Right!

There are always some hidden messages in a story that you’ll never know but the author. Therefore, the part of the story you see will never be the real story. It will only be what the author wants you to see.


Don’t be bitter towards someone success. Their success isn’t proof that you’re losing. Their success is proof that it’s possible.


♥Love you, later


The ultimate guide to crushing your big goals

What separates a driven person from an average person?

Driven people are focused more on their goals than their feelings. The average person will just focus on the way they feel the time of day and everything has to work around if they’re tired, hungry, overwhelmed, and so on. While the Driven would rather put in the extra work to finish their goal for the day than have lunch while everyone else is.


What is a goal? 

A goal is a dream written down with a date. Big goals in life and small goals are great! But the small goals are what keep you motivated in your big goals. Having a big goal like “I want to start traveling next year and blog.” is an amazing goal to have! But, the small goals like “I want to blog three times a week to build a wider audience for when I do bigger things in my life.” will keep the dream a lot more alive than just keeping it written on a sticky note above your desk and not doing anything about it. The little goals all add up!


What happens when you break down a goal? 

Breaking down your goals into steps become a plan. For example, since I want to start posting three articles a week to build my audience. I need a plan set in motion to actually do that. So, I plan my posts a head of time, promote on social media, and I engage with like minded Millennials. It sounds easy, but I take at least an hour out of my day to connect with people to become a part of my audience and even try to collaborate on ideas!

635881622096666973-1814237466_wedding 10.gif

Big things come into small packages. Your “small goals” need a lot of attention and you need to have discipline to try to accomplish them. When you start accomplishing one small goal at a time, it becomes more of an addiction to keep crushing it. Then what you thought was a big goal once you first started will most likely develop into a bigger goal!

Discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishment


Love you, later.