5 Tips I Learned When I Rerouted My Life

The best thing I’ve done in my life this year is be completely open to whatever comes into my life. From life opportunities to the people that come in and out of your life.. You’ll never know where they will take you. But, you have to take a leap of faith and stay committed to the big picture instead of what you planned would happen in this or that part of your story.

For some, this is a hard lifestyle to live. You either like knowing where you’ll end up at a certain part of your life or you want to be able to explain your life to others like you know what your doing. But the reality of that is that, you really can’t. Because life is always about rerouting. 


Rerouting isn’t just what Siri yells at you when you made a wrong turn. Rerouting is about adding that turn you made into your life and still make it to your end destination, your dreams! The drive itself is full of so much beauty, self awareness, and courage.


How can you start living this open-minded rerouting lifestyle? 

Know you can handle a few scars


Life will want to teach you a few lessons. From a butt-load of stress to something going completely different than you “expected,” you have to know that you can take being put down.  Achieving your dreams doesn’t mean you won’t fail anymore, it only means you know what it takes to stay where you want to be.


Don’t let expectations hinder your path


Setting short-term expectations for an opportunity is the recipe for failure. When you expect something to be more than what it is. You miss the beauty of what you have and you only see what you want.

 Let others teach you


I believe that good people bring out the good in people. Everyone around you have seen another part of life that you haven’t experienced. Their experiences have helped them grow into the person they are today and so forth. When you live an open life, you are opening up a gateway for others to come into your life. I can honestly say that I have learned at least one thing about life from all of the people around me which helps me feel more open. It’s like looking at a painting. You don’t just see a painting, you see the details of each stroke that went into the painting.



Being vulnerable is not about winning or losing. It’s about the courage of being seen. The true you, flaws and all. You have no control over what others may think or the outcome of certain situations. But, being vulnerable to what you believe is scary, freeing, and inspiring all at once.


Seek adventures


Living an open lifestyle isn’t so easy at first. So, to take that first step start seeking some adventures that you would be interested in. Still in your circle but still a little out there. Kind of like a bucket list but a bit deeper. I personally find travel blogs and youtube videos quite helpful to really open my eyes into what life could possibly offer me!

Here are some of my favs:

Solo Traveling

High on Life

The Process

Love you, later.

♥ Mik

Millennial Note

You’re always one decision from the life you want… Take action!


3 Thoughts To Keep In Mind When Taking Risks

Are you the person that wants adventure or the person that wants to stay in the same place for the rest of your life?

If you chose Adventure... you may continue reading.


In order to live an adventurous life… You have to take risks. Step out of your comfort zone and you may surprise yourself a lot more than you believed you could. Trust me!

As adventurist, we know we’re going to do something great in our lifetime. When that moment comes, the first thing you’ll feel is complete fear in going for a new opportunity. Something new is always a little scary. From experience, I’ve noticed the maximum fear I felt in a situation was right before I took the first step. It’s like going sky diving. There’s that pit in your stomach right before you jump. But understand that is the moment to jump or you’ll never do it.

To just let go and jump into a new adventure is scary. So, here’s how you should see this new beginning in your life.

You are brave. 


Showing the world who you are and who you want to be isn’t an easy tasks. Once you take that first step, it’s one of the most empowering moments in your life and you’ll remember that feeling forever.

You’ll never regret it. 


The five seconds of fear vs. a lifetime of experience is what makes it worth it. No matter how the adventure ends up you will never regret taking it. If theres one thing I have learned it’s that nothing can substitute experience. Even my worst experience, I don’t regret one bit.

You feel alive

pinnochio .gif

No one is ever ready. Sometimes there may be a better time in life but no one can fully be ready for what the future has to offer. Everyday your standing on your toes a little bit more to see what happens today.


Great things come when you push your comfort zones and when you choose the life of adventure you start to find things about yourself that you never knew you were looking for.

Be a doer.

Love you, later♥



Millennial Note

Go on adventures to find out your true ability and who you are. Each experience has a lesson behind it. So, keep wondering with an open heart and mind.

3 Key Lessons I Learned From a Personal Branding Coach

Today was a great day! Recently I have been struggling to understand the “Why?” and “How?” of my brand and I felt like I didn’t have all the answers I thought I should have. So I took action and had a meeting with a Personal Branding coach and  have also been emailing back and forth with another brand that has been very successful. Once I was done talking with them and getting some advice, I understood that I was stressing out over nothing! 


So, here are some of the tips & tricks I learned today from professionals! 


What social media platform are you most active on?


Well, I post on Instagram just about everyday and connect with so many more bloggers and entrepreneurs all the time! I find that to be my strong suite in really building relationships and keeping everyone updating on whats new in my life and my blog!

Social media is the best way to meet people, so finding the right platform for you is based on how you like connecting with people. Through a tweet, a 24-hour story on Snapchat, Live videos, or YouTube videos. There are so many ways to connect with people nowadays, especially for us Millennials.

Who is your target audience?


This was so hard for me to really understand. Since I want to grow M&M Millennials to its fullest potential. I had to dig deep in what I possibly want to do in my future. So, a great Idea for mine was Millennial women that are solopreneurs in their first year of starting their business.

I narrowed down the big target audience of Millennials to the millennials I feel will benefit from my writing and also my future services

Lastly, how will you spread your brands name?


Again, social media is one of the biggest tools now that you can use for your business. Bring together your strongest social media platform and your target audience by constantly sharing and linking your website/services to one another.

I absolutely love talking to people with more experience. You get to hear about how that person that you may look up to succeeded! The more experienced people you talk to, you will understand that no ones story is the same. So, taking the tips that they give you and applying it to your own brand will help you understand what works and doesn’t work for your brand.

Love you, later.




Millennial Note

Don’t be afraid to ask a professional for a little bit of guidance! When you feel like you don’t have the answers… they most likely do and will bring more knowledge to a subject you probably haven’t even figured out yet. Send an email to either meet face-to-face or connect through email. State the goals you’re working towards, who your target audience is, and what you need help with. Especially if they’re in your field of work, people love giving advice about their success!



Why A Little Boredom Is Essential To Your Success

We all create something. Whether it’s in our head or we’re working to physically create it. Ideas pop into our heads all the time but life happens and we don’t quite remember everything we think about. That’s just how the brain works. Therefore, when an idea comes into my head for my brand, I carry around a physical notebook to jot down the ideas that I have. Typing it on your phone is okay as well. But, when you physically write something down it triggers something in your brain more than putting it in your phone where their is an overwhelming amount of apps that your brain wants to go on more than looking at your notes.

When do these great ideas arise?

Well when you are bored… That’s right when you’re bored!


When you unmask the meaning of boredom, piece by piece, you discover it is the desire for desire. I came across this because when I write in my notebook, it’s always in the moments of laying in bed, after I get out the shower, road trips,  dazing off, etc.


When we get bored, our minds don’t shut off. It’s still creating more and more. These are the times that you are getting some one on one time in your own head. This time is sacred.

This time is sacred because the life of the creative is led, directed, and controlled by boredom. 

Take this time seriously because your mind is going to push you in the direction you need go towards and can create some pretty amazing things little by little. Everything will add up and your success will be proof.

Buy a notebook, always have a pen/pencil on you, and collect these moments. Because when they come to you, it feels like it just hits you in the face then it’s gone if you don’t take action!

Happy Friday!


Love you, Later♥


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5 Ingredients To Help You Develop Your Personal Brand

One thing I have learned about figuring out your personal brand is that it takes a lot of digging deep into who you really are and what made you the person you are today. As hard as that is for a lot of people, I have the recipe for finding your personal brand that I have learned from other specialist that have helped me in the past. I have found these tips the most helpful in my journey and will help you dig deep for the beginning of your journey.

Step one:

Who are you?


As we go on to answer these questions they seem very vague and common sense. But, I encourage you to keep reading to uncover the mask under these questions and how they will help you.

When I ask “Who are you?” dig deep and explain three to five words that describe the person you are and why. For example, I am courageous, passionate, a dreamer, and a doer. All of these ways to describe myself have so much reasonings behind them, I am courageous for taking on new beginnings fiercely, I am passionate about my future, family, and friends, I am a dreamer because I like having creative and innovative ideas for my future, and I am a doer because I like turning my dreams into plans!

I came up these descriptions by starting out  a list with 20 words, then I cut it down to 10, then cut it down to the last 5 i couldn’t let go. I had to think about what words I was willing to let go of and explanations for the top 3-5 descriptions.

Step Two:

Where are you from?

34560_giphy (2)

When I ask where you’re from it’s not really about a destination but what made you the person you are today. My example, is that I am a black and white woman that was raised by a single teenage mom. This has made me independent, appreciative, and gave me so much drive to live the life I deserve.

So ask yourself these questions: “What events, people, etc, made you who you are today?” This is important for your brand because it shows your strengths and what’s really important to you for your brand.

Step Three:

Why are you here?


Why do you want to be successful? For your family? Money? Clients? What do you want to bring to the world and how do you define your success.

My example: I want to live the life that I have always imagined while making a difference and helping others rise. I define success is seeing the world and making connections all over the globe!

Step Four:

What are you capable of?


What makes you capable to not only define and start your brand but make it successful?

My example: Over time, I understand how to learn from my mistakes and not let them stop me. I look at the bigger picture and map out different routes to my success. Lastly, I don’t give up when the world says “no.”

Step Five:

Where are you going?



There’s no way to tell the future. Therefore, when I ask “Where are you going?” I am asking what is your unshakable vision to your brands clients. This is where your brands vision statement comes into play.

My vision statement: I pledge to the ones who haven’t quite figured it all out yet. That  together we will grow in every way possible. We will explore, love a lot, never touch the ground, and be doers of the world.

I hope that this was helpful to you all in the beginning of finding your personal brand.

Love you, later ♥




Millennial Note: If the plan doesn’t work. Change the plan. Never the goal.

13 Reasons Why Letting Go of Limitations Will Make you Powerful

In the process of letting your limitations go. You should start to understand that your limitations is not what you don’t have but what you don’t use. With the wise words of Meredith Grey “Decide. Do it and decide. Is this the life you want live?  Is this the person you want to love? Do you want to work a little harder? Is this the best that you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More compassionate. Breathe in. Breathe out. Then decide.”

So, I’ve cooked up 13 reasons why letting go of limitations will make you powerful.

1. You will love more


2. You will never settle 


3. You ignore others opinions 


4. You respect yourself


5. You lose fear of being wrong


6. You learn your strengths 


7. You start taking chances 


8. You create miracles 


9. You collect moments


10. You trust in the timing 


11. You become the best you 


12. You will inspire 


13. You find yourself


I wrote this list because I have found the people I love around me putting limits on the life they don’t see they deserve. In love, career, and life overall. Therefore, I have figured that there’s so many more out there that need the same guidance. Now that you know at least 13 reasons why you should let go of your limitations, start deciding. Your limit shows the least of your potential, Surpass those expectations and try to surprise yourself a little more everyday and persevere.

Love you, Later ♥


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Millennial Quote: “Don’t explain yourself to people who only understand their perspective of life.”

3 Kinds of People to Thank For Your Success

The people you know change you in either the smallest way or the biggest way. You are what you do and who you surround yourself with. But, who are the people that made you the person you are today or will be?  Once you understand that you’re worthy of a big life, you become unshakable and your whole perspective on the beauty and terror of people change.

The people beside you


Family and friends are a given in who to thank. This is your biggest priority of people to keep around because they have been there for you since the beginning and stay beside you to cheer you on throughout every step. They know it’s been tough sometimes but they still know that you can do it even when you don’t think that you can.

The People In Front of You


When I say the people in front of you it has nothing to do with them being better than you in anyway but they make you hungry for success and make you work. These people keep you looking forward into what needs to be done and to keep moving forward no matter what the circumstances are. Looking back or getting distracted isn’t an option.

The People Behind you


Who are the people behind you? The people that wanted to bring you down or make you feel as if you don’t deserve the life you have always wanted. Although this is hard to comprehend why to thank them… Giving it time makes it more clear. But, what you will see is that the ones behind you challenge you on how serious you want the future you deserve. They help you fight for what you want. In the end it only makes you stronger because in spite of fear of being dragged down, you fight and that becomes your superpower.

I am a big believer on the “whys” in the world. I believe every person comes into your life for a purpose and it could be a lesson or they can be push you in the right direction. Either way, they make you stronger

Love you, Later. ❤


Millennial Note: Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it by use.

3 Key Benefits That Will Make Your Vision Spark

People often mistake the meaning of the word “vision.” Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. A dream, a meaning, or a purpose. Sometimes it could be a vision that hasn’t been seen before or it’s just hard for others to understand. But, that definitely doesn’t mean that your vision is wrong. It’s just not understood yet and no one will understand it until they see it. For some “seeing is believing” and you just have to respect other people’s perceptions of that lifestyle but you don’t have to live by it.

I’ve learned that your vision may change, but your purpose in life won’t. So, just because your vision may change a little in your future, doesn’t mean you failed at your purpose. But I believe that having a vision is still important to have in your beginning because it helps you stay motivated at what you want to aim for. Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is passing time. But, vision with action can change the world. 

Here are 3 key benefits that will make your vision spark:happpy.gif


1. Mind Over Matter

You choose who you want to be in your  life and it’s just the matter of believing in what you can accomplish in your life. If you want to be more independent, start thinking more independent. If you want to be more productive, start thinking more productively. What you think, you become. When you start training your mind to think a certain way, you’ll actually start doing it!

2. Raise Your Tribe

Finding your tribe is one of the most important things to me. If you want to do epic things in life, you can’t be around basic people. Surround yourself with those that talk about visions and ideas. The right tribe are the people who not only listen to your ideas and vision but they also help you make it better and vice versa! Your vibe attracts your tribe.

3. Yearn to Create

Life is about creating moments. You can’t wait for them, be the leader of them. Einstein stated that “Creating becomes contagious.” Understand that what you create is not for what others see around you but for what you feel for yourself and others will follow you. Limitations do not exist, so don’t use it as an excuse to live the life you were meant to live.




Millennial Memo: Make your vision so clear that fear becomes irrelevant.

Discover The Hidden Mask Behind Adulting

Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.

Everyone uses this word nowadays! When it’s being expressed, especially as Millennials, we usually express it in a negative tone. For example, “Damn, I really don’t want to adult today!”


“Adulting” is like a wild fire that keeps getting bigger and people just keep getting lost in.

Heres is how to change the game of growing up, Millennials.

Do you remember you when you were maybe around 5 years old and everything you thought about the world?

I was the girl who tried to make everyone smile and would always find new things that interested me. I was an explorer of my own mind and nothing about that has exactly changed. I never wanted to do something I wasn’t passionate about and living an average life was never gonna be in the books for me. From singing karaoke for the first time, dancing to music I loved the beat to, and believing I could have been a mermaid. I still believe extraordinary is out there.. Even if I don’t know exactly what it is.


Adulting is secretly leaving one of the best parts of you behind. The dream, the passion, and the endless possibilities behind the younger you. If you were talking to you as a 6 year old, would you let your younger self down?

If you can’t remember who you wanted to be or what you wanted from the world then forget about what the world told you to be and dig deep.

Children want to believe they will take on life and always be successful. Which is never always the case. Life happens and you learn a long the way. But, remembering the key dream of what your success may look like is sometimes the missing piece you need in order to get there.

Don’t get lost in the wildfire of adulting, have a wilder fire within.


Love you, later.



Note to Millennials: The world won’t pave your way to success. Make it.



How to: Gracefully Move Forward in Life

Happy First Day of Spring AND National Happiness Awareness Day! 


Well, recently a friend of mine asked me “How do you be single so easily?” My first instinct was to first laugh at the fact that I just got asked that because who ever just asks anyone that question?

All jokes aside, I sat down and really talked to my friend about the fact that you just have to be overall happy with yourself. It may not be every day, all day. But, overall happy. It’s sometimes not easy, but the person you are now changes and grows everyday. Think about that… You can learn something new about yourself and your capabilities everyday!

So, you just have to learn to not find someone to make you happy but you have to create your own happiness.

So, get out of your little rut!


You are only as good as your mindset!

Life will sometimes try to bring you down but you don’t go down with it. People will try to bring you down because they are already below you and others will try to help you rise because they care. Which group would you rather put your energy towards?

Rise up my friends. Because you learn a lot along the way and the meaning of true happiness.

Spread the love to ones around you.  Because you need it and so does the world. Every generation that comes into this world is gonna get a lot of pressure for making the world better. Now, the pressure is on us Millennials. Let’s set an example for the next generation, raise the bar, and help them succeed as well.

Happy spring!

Love you, later.


Millennial Note: You are MARVELOUS! (Pass it on)