Creativity Takes Courage

Something that I’m currently learning is putting myself out there more. Before I leave for Florida in the next 7 months, I really want to get in touch with some other passionate people that will be on this same journey with me and that I can tell are as passionate and driven as I am. In my opinion, those people will push me more and keep me inspired throughout my path.

At some point, I’d like to start a big project. I may not know exactly what i would like to do yet, but I have some pretty great ideas. If i start making my connections now and getting to know them, I can get an idea of who I’d like to work with and keep around when I make my big move happen and possibly further when I graduate.

Lately, I have joined Facebook groups, Twitter, and a lot more. Social media has played a big part in putting myself out there more and it’s been going very well! I’ve talked to a couple people in the field that i’m studying and a lot more creative people. A couple have offered to already work with me and make big moves!  Therefore, in time, who knows what can happen and who else they will introduce me to when I am finally on my way down to Florida. The group of people I get to know will only get bigger since I am starting now rather than later on my first day in class.

If you asked me a couple years ago that I’d be moving to Florida, doing what I wanted to do before anyone, and that I’d be courageous as hell. I’d tell you that you were crazy and I’ll do what first makes my family happy. It takes courage to put yourself out there and follow your dreams. But, I believe it’s the only way you will be not only successful, but happy and proud of yourself. I may not be in Florida yet, but I am extremely proud of myself for doing the steps I’m doing to get myself ready and excited! Trust me when I say, that’s something I wouldn’t think for myself for a while. But, here I am. Because I am ready.





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