Just Take the First Step..

Recently, I have gotten in contact with a couple of music producers and artist that are networking themselves via Twitter to get noticed and build a fan-base. So, I took that as an opportunity to also start networking myself as well to them! In doing so, I told them not just what I am going to do in the future but show them what I can do for them now! They would send me their music through E-mail and I would write down notes on what could help get the message more across throughout the song and little revisions that can go a long way in music. They seemed to really appreciate my help! I got a lot of good feedback from my revisions and now they have continued to send me their music before they publish it. To me, that’s a great feeling and a great advantage in my future.

For instance, it builds up my confidence that I know what I’m doing is good and that other people will look for my advice when it comes to their music. Also, It gives me an advantage to get more out there. I got the chance to prove myself to these talented artist and they can tell their other musical friends about what I can do and introduce me to help new talent!

Martin Luther King once said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” This has taught me to use every opportunity, big or small. Because, it can help open doors for you that you have never dreamed of opening.

‘Till next time,


P.S. I know my blog is new and I’m still learning as I go. So, feel free to leave any questions or comments below or shoot me a message on Twitter! XO


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