Make Being Inspired a Priority

Recently, I’ve been finding myself more and more ways to be inspired in life. The outcome was better than expected! I feel more happy, powerful, and excited for my life when I finally make my big moves!

A couple of groups that I have recently started following on social media are called #BossBabe and Hello Fearless. They are communities of empowering women leading other empowered women into following their dreams, being successful, and other great tips. They have their own Facebook groups, Twitter, Periscope, and other live video streams where they talk about a certain subject in following your path and dream. People chat and you get to know some very strong women that are looking for the support you get like from this group. Are they studying or developing a career in music like I am? Not that I know of. But, a lot of us had a great thing in common. That we struggled in following the traditional path of following our dream like everyone else and we always felt we were destined for something bigger! But, we may not know EXACTLY what that is yet. We will listen to our gut and hold each others hand when it gets tough and the light seems to be getting dimmer. Because, there is always another mountain to climb when you think you just got done climbing another one. When this happens, it’s better not to feel alone and have someone tell you the bigger picture you have always envisioned and remind you why you started this journey in the first place.

Also, a couple years ago, I met this woman, Ariel, online that was studying music business like I was! She embarked on the journey that I couldn’t do at the time but am about to start here pretty soon! I have been very lucky to keep in touch with her throughout the years because she is so focused, driven, and an inspiration. She’s about to graduate and has multiple job offers with big companies and is doing what she has dreamed of doing. Have there been times where her and I talked when life had kicked us in the butt and needed someone to lean on for advice? OF COURSE! Also, there had been times when I had looked at her life and thought to myself “That could have been me” and I found myself jealous of the situation that I was in. But EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. You will do what you were destined to do at the right time. It’s not easy but, having people who understand you makes it easier to get yourself back up and inspired to move forward! I have never met Ariel in person but talking to her and following her on social media, I know shes gonna do big things! From what I do know about her, we think a lot alike and have somewhat the same goals with what we want to do with our degree! So, its great to keep that connection going between us because who knows what will be waiting for us over the next mountain. And maybe we will need to work as a team at some point in life.

So, people you meet on social media can go a long way on keeping you on the path you had envisioned and maybe even passed that! “Successful people link up. They dont squash eachother.” -BossBabe



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