I Was Created to Create

Have you ever felt like there was a great opportunity for you in your path that was either taken away from you or you gave it up for someone or something else? If so, you’re not alone. I personally felt that there was an opportunity taken from me and something I have cherished for a little over a year now. I won’t get in to the exact details but, long story short, there will always be some type of vaulters in your life that want to see you fail and will do whatever it takes to bring you down!

My “Vaulter” manipulated me and my closest friends from an opportunity of a lifetime. She simply was not happy where she was and she had to go through us to get some peace of mind, I guess. We still don’t have any idea what was going in her head and we never will. That’s something we’re going to have to live with. We all know the sayings “Every action has a reaction.” or “Karma will get you back.”  Now, I believe that more than ever. It ended up backfiring on this specific person but it does still hit home when I think about this whole situation that happened. How can someone try to take something that is so special to me? Something I have always wanted and something that would benefit me in the long run? Honestly, It made me feel violated and it made me understand how some people truly can be ugly on the inside. She tried to take everything in that moment away from me and I had so much hate inside that I never wanted to feel again.

It has taken time, a year, to truly understand the saying “You can’t truly move on until you forgive.” It’s been hard but, I do forgive her. Maybe not fully, but a little more everyday. I believe you will always have people to try to bring you down and I know I’m not the only one. When this happened to me, my aunt called me to tell me that the same thing happened to her and her husband years ago with their business. A very close partner with them almost stole their company from right under their feet and they almost lost everything. But, they put up a fight and won. She got choked up and said to me  “Sweetie, you have to find that one thing that people can’t take from you and use it with all your might!”

Now that I’m moving forward in life and I am working harder than ever for my dreams, I understand what has gotten me this far and is going to take me to the end. My creativity is the only thing that can’t be taken away from me. Now is the time to take that strength and build on it. Because that is my superpower!

Always think different.







5 Comments on “I Was Created to Create

  1. Mikaela, I have FINALLY gotten a chance to sit my busy butt down and take the time to read this post and I’m so glad I did! I was in a situation very similar to yours, and like you it’s taken me about a year to get over what happened to me, and I also forgive her for what she’s done, or rather a lack of what she’s done– being there for me when I did everything in my power to help her. I didn’t realize she was so toxic until I found myself crying in the airport bathroom before our flight back home because she said that the trip we was all about her and what she wanted, that I shouldn’t have tries to incorporate my interests in any of her plans.
    I really like your last point in your learning experience through all of this– no matter how many people try to take you down, no one can take your creativity away from you. That is something I never realized until I read this. Thank you for sharing such a powerful story.

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  2. It definitely opened my eyes to how deceiving people can really be. So as much as I forgive her.. I do everything in my power to not let another person try to do that to me again.. And that’s what I meant by “build” on that strength so that no one breaks down your wall and you don’t have to start over at again!

    I really appreciate you taking the time and reading my post!! It means so much and I’m glad you enjoyed it!! I’ll be writing more today, hopefully! 🙂


  3. Good for you all the way! Standing your ground was wearing necessary here! You should be proud. I am a bit biased to you header. I think it’s because of my own name and those two fo joining “C’s”! Love it! Lol!

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