Put Yourself First

Right now, I’m working at Starbucks. Which I absolutely love! My coworkers are amazing, my boss is great, and I enjoy going to work! But, I know its not my dream or passion. Before I move to Florida, I’m working, sometimes, over forty hours a week to save up. Because everything I do in the sunshine state comes out of my pocket and that’s the number one thing that is stressful to me. Because, I want to do this right and be okay when it comes to paying for school, rent, and lots of pizza!

That puts a lot of stress on me. As much as I try to hide it, there are some days that are bad days and I’ve been finding more ways to just stay confident and know that I will be okay! Therefore, I did something a little (or a lot) out of the box. I talked to about three psychics. I have never talked to a psychic before and I kind of explained that I’m moving, it’s stressful, and to get some insight if this is the right path for me. They all basically said the same thing that this will be a very good and positive move for me. I will find more and more great ideas that will benefit me in my successful career in music and entertainment and that documenting it will have it’s own benefits for me (which I’m already doing and didn’t explain to them.) So, even if some people believe that psychics are a hoax and sometimes I think it can be to. Hearing my situation and future come out of their mouths were kind of surreal, gave me so much more to look forward to, and most importantly made me believe in following my gut first.

Keep yourself confident and driven. Some may think that it just comes naturally but sometimes it’s a full time job. Keep your mind healthy and positive as much as possible because that’s how you become successful. You don’t have to go as far as talking to a psychic but even getting your hair, nails, and makeup done or buying a new outfit makes you feel like a whole new confident you. The little things go a long way and when you look good, you feel good, you get stuff done!

Keep it interesting babes!





6 Comments on “Put Yourself First

  1. Girlz just want to have FUUun… —smile— Do it when you’re young and you can claim you’re an inexperienced young girl.. get down low enough where you can use your puppydog eyes looking up at you parents wallets..


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