So Many Assume. So Little Know.

Being misunderstood has actually been a bigger deal in my life than I’ve realized. Whether it’s been with boys, dreams, or friends. When I was little, trying to understand my ethnicity is where people really misunderstood me. I’m mixed with black and white, I have white people hair, and I can get really tan. So, you could only imagine peoples facial expressions (especially in the summer time) when I would be out eating with my mom and we’d receive different checks for our food. Or when I transferred to a new school and everyone would come up to me speaking Spanish. I used to swear to my mom that I was adopted because it felt like no one could understand that I was her daughter.  I still get that to this day and it’s just natural to me when I see the look on peoples faces trying to understand “what I am.” But, now I just find it funny and I look at it saying that I’m unique.

When it comes to music, I love how much I could prove people wrong. I have a soulful and unique voice. People would say to me “You don’t look like you can sing.” I would look so confused and just say “How am I suppose to look?” But, once I got on stage and did what I do best. People that heard me will now forever say “Yeah, she can sing!” I will never forget my freshman year of high school this little girl came up to me after a performance and said “I want to be just like you.” I didn’t know this little girl and I didn’t even know who’s family she belonged to. But, I’m glad I touched her soul the way I did. Even if it was only for a second.  Lionel Richie once said at the Grammy’s “Soul is feeling, not color.” I believed that little girl only payed attention to what I could do and that meant more to me than anything that day!

We’ve all been misunderstood in some way shape or form and we have all misunderstood someone else. Even if we haven’t realized it. But, showing what you’re made of and proving what you can do to the people who doubted you is one of the best feelings you can have. It’s an obstacle and practice makes perfect. For example, when you walk into an interview, you get judged on how you present yourself to the person who’s hiring you. “When you look good, you feel good, you do good.”  That is something I’ve always been told by mom when I started applying for jobs in high school. Being judged at first sight will never end. It’s something that will sadly always be there every step of the way. Don’t get discouraged. Remember, Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. Show them what your really made of and keep slaying!




10 Comments on “So Many Assume. So Little Know.

  1. It is a dangerous game to judge a book by its cover… but it can be fun to shock people when they do 🙂 It is so great that you continue to shine your light so that others can feel safe to shine themselves. We are mirrors for other people, in that they don’t really see us but a reflection of themselves in us – what they are or what they lack. Loving yourself regardless and showing others how to do that too is so amazing. Well done 🙂 Keep going 🙂

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  2. Wow! What a powerful piece expressed with such conviction and maturity!!! You are a brave beautiful you lady. I got a secret to share; it’s not about WHAT you are bur WHOSE you are. A child of God is what I’m thinking for sure! Keep writing love and thanks for stopping by my blog😊

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  3. Hi Mikaela, thanks for visiting my blog and for the like! I admire that you are a singer! So am I, though at 60, I don’t take the stage any more; I only sing for the seagulls. Music is a wonderful gift to the musician. Long after all my school friends were finished playing sports, I’m still playing guitar, writing and singing songs. Music always feeds my spirit. 😉

    I relate to feeling misunderstood … growing up when I did, it was unusual for a boy to prefer playing guitar, writing songs, reading, avoiding the party scene and preferring to be alone. There was pressure to be involved in sports, but I didn’t care about them at all; far too sensitive and emotional for that, and not competitive at all, unless it’s a board game. 😀

    It wasn’t until I was 40 that someone suggested I take a short test to assess my temperament … it quantified what I’d felt for a lifetime but couldn’t articulate. There are 16 temperaments, but mine is just 1% of the population which helped to explain why I felt misunderstood and alone (read: weird). The test I took is called the MBTI if you wanted to learn more about it (Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator).

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you, Mikaela! Have you posted any sound recordings online? God bless you!


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    • I so so so appreciate your support and story!! I haven’t posted any recent recordings but I’m gonna be working on a big project for one of my blog posts and will post something!! 🙂 thank you for the comment!!

      Mikaela 🙂


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