I Am Willing to See My Magnificence..

“What makes you so magnificent?” “What makes you think you can call yourself #MagnificentMik?” Honestly, like I have said before, I had always felt a little different. From the time I was little.. I would get bullied and picked on for not reading as well as the other kids or for not catching on as quick as everyone else. Some thought there was something wrong with me but never did anything about it. All throughout school I felt I had to work twice as hard than anyone else and once college hit, it got exhausting. But, once it was time for choir class.. I was automatically myself. It was my safe spot in school where I didn’t really get judged and It was something I loved doing and picked up on faster than anything. So, when I’d have a free period between classes or didn’t want to go to the cafeteria for lunch.. I would go to to the choir room and talk to my instructor, play around with some music, or just listen to my instructor play Jazz music on the piano.

This past year I would say has had it’s ups and downs, of course, but it’s the first time I’ve really had the time to put some pieces together in my life I believed didn’t fit. It’s also probably the year that I have been the strongest. For example,  I didn’t realize how strong I really was until I met someone who gave me the ‘Cold Shoulder’ the first moment she met me and started saying unnecessary comments. The first thing I said was “As upsetting as it is, it just shows that she has her own personal issues with herself and needs to work on her.” When I said that, I kind of took a step back and compared it to how I would have handled it a year ago. I would have taken it so personally, cried to myself about it, and wonder what’s wrong with me. In that moment, I felt empowered.

I feel empowered because of the mindset I’m in, the steps I have been taking in order to stay active in music and for Florida, I have some great friends supporting me, I’m writing this blog to hopefully inspire more people like me, and planning big things for my future. Everything you create matters. No matter how big or small. You have to design the life you want to live and it all starts with you! My puzzle is finally coming together and I know it’s not done. Time, money, and a lot of tears went into getting where I am today. So, that’s what makes me feel magnificent and that I earned my name “#MagnificentMik.” 

Hold the vision, trust the process. 


3 Comments on “I Am Willing to See My Magnificence..

  1. Never let go of your dreams… Create within deep childlike fashion, most of all.. Don’t forget how to play!….

    i see that you stopped by for a read!

    Thank you..

    hugs chris


    i leave with you two winks, three blinks an a sweet wet kiss on your forehead….

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