“Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, and Tomorrow is a Dream”

My 94 year old great grandma was a very strong women. She was a nurse in war and raised six kids! She lived by the quote “Yesterday is History, Today is a gift, and Tomorrow is a Dream.” 

“Yesterday is history”- In order to love yourself, you can’t hate the experiences that shaped you. Every struggle makes you stronger and keep that strength for a new day.

“Today is a gift”- Take in the love and inspiration around you and run with it. Because at the end of the day.. That’s what keeps you going! Don’t wait, because this life will go quicker than you think. 

“Tomorrow is a dream”- It’s not promised.. But always build a better tomorrow. Every day you get makes you better than you were the day before. Just keep striving for tomorrow like there is none. 

My great grandmother passed February 2016 and we know she lived with no regrets. Her motivation and love is forever lasting that I constantly feel around me and I wanted to share that. Although we said goodbye, she said a new hello. 
Take control and fly.




14 Comments on ““Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, and Tomorrow is a Dream”

  1. I agree a wonderful eulogy to your Great Grammy and I am sure she was smiling and so pleased with your acapella solo at her memorial! I am always so proud of you!

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