You Are Your Only Limit

Previously, I have talked about keeping yourself inspired and striving for more. But, what if your tank is on empty? How do you become inspired? How do you find a happy life to live? Well, this is when I tell you that YOU are your only limit. YOU are your only problem in this case. You can not find a happy life, you have to make it.

It has taken me a while to really learn that. A little over a year ago, I was probably the most depressed I had ever been. I had dropped out of my university because at the moment I did not know the path that was meant for me and was confused about how I was going to get to my dream job, all of my friends were away from home, I was going to community college, and I had a really awful job as a waitress where I would come home with forty dollars on a Saturday night. During this time I was having a lot of trouble sleeping and would just stay up on my laptop eating a lot of pizza with Netflix or just browsing through Facebook. One night, there was an advertisement about an internship with Disney in Florida and it looked really cool and I love Disney. So, I filled out an application online and did a survey. I thought to myself “I’m not gonna get it but it is worth a try.” About two days later, I had a phone interview. Then I got a postcard from the company saying “Congratulations Mikaela!” At this point, I didn’t tell anyone but my best friend that I had applied and my mom looked really confused when I said “I have to move to Florida in seven months.” But, everything worked out and it has been the best experience of my life so far, I’ve made the best of friends from that internship from all over the world, and it validated that I wanted to move back to Florida to study at the school I had been looking into for about six years but was too afraid of living in a different state where I didn’t know anyone or that my family would not approve of me going to this non-traditional school to study Music Business.

Another example is of one of my best friends, who I roomed with interning at Disney. She graduated from college probably a year and a half early and she got a paid internship with this amazing company that she loves. But, now its been about a year and they haven’t offered her or the one other intern a full time job yet. So, She was telling me that they had a meeting saying that they can only afford one intern to go full time and the other one will be laid off. So, in this case, she is stressed out that she could either not have a job in a couple of weeks or she can. She doesn’t feel confident and I had to have a serious talk with her and remind her of who she is and what she is capable of. I told her “Bianka, whatever happens, you graduated college before all of your friends, you have had a year worth of great leaders teach you about your dream career and have had hands-on practice with a lot of things people our age have not had the chance to have yet. You have a great future ahead of you and doors will be opening more than you believe and I believe that you’ll go places and do things you had never even dreamed about because THAT is how good you are.” Yes, she is one of my best friends and I could just say that to say that but I didn’t. Because I meant every word and I know how much that meant to her.

When it gets tough to do what you need to do, I like to clear my head. For me, It’s taking a drive and listening to music, working out, or putting in some headphones and taking a walk. I made a “Motivation” playlist on my phone that I listen to daily. I wake up at four in the morning for work sometimes and it gets hard to get out of bed. I listen to my playlist and as silly as it sounds, it makes me want to have a good day.

If your tank is empty on motivation and inspiration just follow the things I have done:

  • Take chances and do something you never thought you would do.
  • Talk to one of the closest people to you for guidance.
  • Join an Empowerment group of people like you or have been in the same boat you are in.
  • Clear your head in any way that helps you!


The more negative you feel about your world, the more negative it will become. Being Positive goes a long way in all aspects in your life and it is the one trait that will make you unique in a workplace. So, if your tank has hit empty. You are the only one that make it full again. A little can go a long way..


Dream big,





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