Quiet People Have the Loudest Minds

This week, I shared this blog with some of my family and friends that I thought didn’t really get what I was thinking when it came to moving to Florida and continuing on this path into following my dreams.

The reactions I got were absolutely beautiful and motivated me a lot more, which I did not think was any more possible. I was carrying around this weight on my shoulder because I felt as if I was letting everyone down because I was doing something different than everyone else and stepping way out of mine and my families comfort zone. My Mom, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins all called me telling me how proud they were. They explained how much more understanding and comfortable they are about me moving because of everything I have written on this blog. They see how motivated I am about my path in Florida and beyond.

I hadn’t known the weight that was on my shoulder until now because I feel free. I can start living this life I have designed my whole life without a single fear of letting anyone down or being held back. More and more is going into my dreams and plans and for the first time ever.. I feel unstoppable.

I’ve talked to a couple women in my empowerment group that have discussed that they have family that are vocally not understanding or they feel judged or brushed to the side when they talk about their plans and dreams. To those women and other people people reading.. Find a way to share your voice. Whether it’s a blog, song, etc. You will know the right time to share it when you feel like your point of view has been expressed. I started this blog for that reason and did not think that I would love it as much as I do. I’m listening to the little voice in my head and it keeps me in touch with the little girl that has been dreaming inside of me this whole time.


You have escaped your cage. Now spread your wings and fly!




13 Comments on “Quiet People Have the Loudest Minds

  1. You “Liked” our Posting from yesterday. So we took a look at your Blogsite. Wow! Thank you for all the sharing that you do. You have an insight, into the world around you, which is sometimes only achieved by those who sit on mountain tops for many years.

    I won’t say “you’re so young to have reached that level”, because I’m sensing that you’re a very old Soul.

    We have included a few of your personal insights in our Posting for today (4/13/16) at:

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  2. Really happy everything went so well for you! I am enjoying reading your blog, it resonates with what I am feeling guided to do myself. Keep up the great work!

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  3. Really inspiring text, thanks for sharing that! I remember when I first told my friends and family about my blog and it was kind of a huge step for me. So I am proud of you that you did it as well, I know it’s not always easy to share something that you love.

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