Believe In Your Future Self

Dear Future Self, 
When you started writing this blog.. You wanted to share your voice to your family,  other dreamers you could inspire, and to yourself. You wanted to be an example of following your dreams and it ending for what you have worked and dreamed for.

You did not expect things to come easy to you. You are working, going to school, and starting other projects in Florida. In the past, when things got hard, you quit trying and shut the world out. Not anymore, show the world what you’re made of. Work harder than you ever had and it will all pay off. Because right now, while you’re writing this, you’re the one who believes in yourself more than anyone. You can’t let yourself down. 

Do you remember everything we have planned for when graduation is finally over? Interning abroad. Landing a great job maybe at Billboard Music or another big company and working with artist like Ryan Tedder, Alicia Keys, and Pharrell. We have so many big plans! Why waste a single day not working hard for everything you’ve only dreamed of doing and more?  

They say “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Moving to Florida is a big step and definitely out of your comfort zone! Anything can happen… But, you can only rise from here. Your life is only beginning! 

Today, April 19th, 2016, is the day that you have promised yourself to take deep breaths when you get overwhemed, to always find a solution when things go wrong, and to not let your stress level break you. 

Your past struggle has made you strong enough for anything that will come your way in the future. You have no choice but to conquer!  

Slay on and keep your eye on the goal! 




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