See Miracles In Life Everyday

Something that always makes me feel empowered everyday is smiling. While working at Starbucks, I get a lot of compliments on my vibrant smile and sometimes how it brightens other people’s day. With customers, it helps them feel more comfortable and (in most cases) friendly. But, to me, when I smile it helps me get stronger. It shows that I am a stronger person than I was yesterday. 

Lately, I’ve understood the impact and quality a smile could have on other people and myself. I’m only twenty-one and I have been through a lot with family, dreams, self esteem, and I know this is only the beginning. I believe I am a good person that has had bad things happen to her. But, I truly believe things don’t come my way that I couldn’t handle..No matter how much it feels unfair in that moment. Everyday after the fact, my smile got a little bigger. Even if it was only once a day. 

The value of your smile is priceless and it only gets stronger. It’s the little things that mean a lot.

  • See 
  • Miracles 
  • In
  • Life
  • Everyday 

SMILE. It’s the way you can change your world and sometimes your smile can be the sunshine of someone else’s day when their skies are grey. 

Say cheese📸 


3 Comments on “See Miracles In Life Everyday

  1. That was a lovely piece Ann. Its only when every one of us see that we are a miracle then we won’t be able to embrace the beauty of life. Life doesn’t revolve around our trouble or challenges the test of ones courage and generosity is when you are able to give out even when in pains or want. Be the sunshine to some one today. Your smile is big enough.

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