Thanks For Being My Unbiological Sister

Two years ago today, my best friend, Mackenzie, spoke a very moving tribute about me for speech class. She spoke about the unconditional sisterly love we have for one another and how we have changed each others lives. At the time, I didn’t think our friendship could get any stronger. But, I was wrong. During the time that she had did her speech, we were at the same university and I was about to leave because I knew that path that she was on wasn’t for me. So, I was coming home to figure everything out. Leaving my best friend was the hardest thing. But, I feel closer to her now than ever before. She’s shared all of my hardest moments that are bigger than just boys breaking my heart. She had stuck by me, constantly told me that everything will work out, and to keep my head high. She helped me become stronger.

I’ve always shared the quote with her “Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart.” We’ve always made our friendship a priority and visiting one another. One New Years, her family invited me on their family vacation in Colorado to go Skiing and spend quality time together before I moved to Florida. Then, when I lived in Florida, she got an amazing surprise with a plane ticket to come visit me from her parents. I always look back on those vacations because we had such an amazing time and made the best of memories that will last a lifetime! Since I am moving back in September, I have no doubt that I will see her during her free time in between school and having our weekly phone calls! I can honestly say that Mackenzie has made me a better person throughout the years and we have grown a lot throughout our friendship. She is a gift and came in my life at the moment I needed her most, even if she doesn’t realize it.

It’s the people that see the beautiful heart you have and push you to become the best you that you can be. You have to cherish the people who have the ability to touch you and still be thousands of miles away from you. So, I want to share a special thanks to my beautiful, loyal, and amazing best friend Mackenzie for the amazing three years we have shared. Through the ups and the downs we have conquered the world, one “Friends” episode at a time.

You make me laugh harder, smile brighter, and live a little better. ❤


Forever yours,



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