Welcome To My Masterclass

About three months ago, I announced that I had a big surprise coming to the blog!! This is something that I saw as an opportunity and would put myself out there more!

So, here it is.. I got a new vocal coach online! Not just any vocal coach…

Welcome To My Masterclass

Christina Aguilera! 

She will be teaching me and others online techniques in vocal training and so much more! I have always admired Christina from growing up and dancing to “Genie In A Bottle” to watching her coach other vocalist on NBC’s “The Voice.” I can’t wait to learn from her online!

This is a 6-week long class that I can access at any time for as long as I want! I will keep my notebook full of tips and record the progress that I am making.. Yes, that means some vocal covers will be coming soon and more!!

This makes me so excited for everything that is coming this year and I believe this is a good step to take before I move! If there is anything that comes your way that makes you more confident and excited .. DO IT! 

Can’t wait to share everything with you all!

Thanks for reading!




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