“For Every Girl That Dreams Big, There’s A Mom That Shows Her It’s Possible..”

My mom has definitely proved to me that anything is possible. When I was young things got really hard for us. She was a single mom and nineteen years old. Without a lot of help, at one point, she worked three jobs to support us and keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths. When the rest of the world told her to let me go.. She hung on for dear life. She had a vision and she worked for it everyday. 

My mom is my number one hero and cheerleader. We’re in the best place we’ve ever been because she’s worked her way up in the same company for fifteen years without a college degree. For women, it’s a lot harder for us than it is for men and she made it possible! Every concert, solo, anything I was doing.. She cheered me on through it all.. That alone is so priceless to me. 

People come up to me all the time and say “I wish my mom and I were as close as you and your mom.” And the older I get.. The more I understood it. I respect her as my mother but we are also like best friends since it was only us for a little over a decade! Also, I’m getting closer to the age when everyone else starts having kids (I have a lot of time) and when I think about me being a mother.. I can only hope that I’ll be half the woman my mom was and that I can be as much as an inspiration to my children as she was to me. So, I want to learn from the best. 

To my mom, thank you for all your sacrifices. You sacrificed a degree, more life experiences, and dreams. But thank you for also making new dreams that included me. ❤️

In my eyes you are a hero. You are strong and wise and have no fear. We rescued eachother❤️ 

Happy Mother’s Day!


8 Comments on ““For Every Girl That Dreams Big, There’s A Mom That Shows Her It’s Possible..”

  1. Love you and Love this! You have been the reason I breathe, the reason I work so hard, the reason I know how to love! You are a Treasure!! I love you!!

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  2. Such a beautiful tribute to your very special and beautiful Mama. You are both treasures in my life! Happy Mother’s day, Jennifer Lynn. I love you!!

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  3. One of the greatest joys in life is being allowed to be a part of your journey. I am so proud of you both and not surprised at all by your story. The struggle was real and watching it from the inside, difficult. However, the privilege of knowing you both has filled my life with so much love and joy. You will never know how much I love, admire and respect you both……bit I do!

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  4. it such a beautiful post for your mom. I am single mother too and reading this makes me believe everything is possible ya.. cheers to your mom, I can tell she is a great mother and she raise a beautiful daughter.

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