Hello, New Life.

The time is finally here where I am mentally settled into my new city! WOO-HOO! I’ve met new friends and some new favorite restaurants. The more I go out and explore, the more I fall in love! I feel refreshed and stronger than ever. With the words “Be a doer” constantly running in my mind that my dear friend Chace used to say to all of us before he passed. It keeps me motivated!

When I moved here, I wondered “What is my first step to the life I had always imagined when I moved here?”

Networking, was something that I was learning that I thought I would put into good use. Therefore, social media groups and sites that I was a part of definitely came into play! With one of the people I came into contact with wanted to meet for a cup of coffee, chat about our goals for the near future, and how we can come to use for one another professionally. As the meeting went on, the more we wanted to work with one another and collaborate on our projects! In the end, I got hired and am beyond excited of what new opportunities will be coming my way!

Today, I am very proud of taking a chance and taking that first step. That small step could have been a leap.. But time will tell!

And so, she decided to start living the life she’d imagined…

This is the beginning of a new life, chapter, and everything will be starting to change for the better. Including the face of this blog. I have been planning out how to redesign and bring more to this website! In time, It will hopefully be something everyone will want to be a part of! Big things are coming and I want my readers to travel to the top with me in style!

Can’t wait to show you all what I am really made of!


Millennial Mik



One Comment on “Hello, New Life.

  1. I’m beyond proud of you! You have grown so much right before my eyes and it makes my heart so happy and full to see you living your dream! Countless people that have come into our lives or met you just one time have said to me, “Your daughter is going to do great things…” and look at you! You are a “Doer” and a go-getter. You are the Best! I love you so much! Keep shootin for the stars! You are my favorite person on this planet. Love you!!

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