Encourage Instead of Complain

We are all guilty of complaining. When I watched a video by Gary Vaynerchuck he stated that:

Complaining is a zero return investment.”

When you sit back and really think about it… Complaining is the worst possible thing for you. It slows down your work ethic, it doesn’t keep you motivated, and it doesn’t solve any problems.

Recently, I transferred to a new store but I have been with the same company for a year and a half. When I transferred it was nothing like I had expected it to be. I don’t enjoy going to work as much as I did when I was back home. I would complain and complain about this store and it just took so much energy out of me.  To help me stay motivated, I wrote down some positives to this job. Some were big pros and some were little. But, that one negative equaled four positives!

When things get hard, we confine into other people sometimes to talk to them and get their intake on a certain situation and that’s okay. Complaining and conversation are two different things. To avoid making yourself look like a victim and to avoid spreading negative energy. Confine in yourself first. Why? Because you’re the only one that can bring yourself up. Write down the pros and cons to the situation you’re in and you’ll look at it not as negative as you did before. Also, keep your ambition strong. Believe in yourself and your abilities.  If we all lived up to what we believe we can do and who we truly are no one would ever settle for mediocre.

Be the person that says the positive thing when other people are complaining.



Millennial Mik


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