Fall in Florida

Thanks are given, dreams arise, and the impossible becomes possible.  

As I am in my new apartment,  I think about how exactly a year ago when I was in Florida and I promised myself I’d be here in no longer than a year. Here I am. It took hard work, a little help from my amazing parents to help me get here, and a dream. I’m very thankful for those who helped me, believed in me, and I’m grateful to myself for finding the strength to live, learn, and be a doer.

I’m thinking about the rest of the 2016 and how I want to spend it. It doesn’t seem so long ago when I was celebrating the new year of 2016 and planning to move to Florida. Now I’m thinking of the new things to come in 2017 and who I want to be. Some people may think the year goes by fast and that there’s only so much you can do in a year… You have more time than you think.

I hit my goal this year and a little more. Now, I have even more dreams that I want to start for 2017. I’ve always wanted to start dance classes, I want to get in the studio and work on my music and other artist’s music, I want to grow my blog more, and get more opportunities I’ve never even thought about before. I believe I can. So, I will.

When October hits, you really stop and think about how the year is over. You think about what you’ve done this year to get you where you are and ask “is it where I want to be?”  If not, don’t let it stop you from ending the year one step closer to the person you want to be. Make every opportunity count.


Is the glass half empty? Or half full?


Millennial Mik


2 Comments on “Fall in Florida

  1. love this; can not wait for your year end blog to read how after a couple months at Full Sale University your 2017 lists develop as a “doer”


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