5 Reasons Why Your Vibe is the Most Important Thing You Wear

When there are good vibes in the atmosphere we really take that in and make the most of that time or sometimes it’s with a person you just met and your friendship soars after your first initial contact. Our vibe is the most important thing we will wear in multiple situations and could define a lot of our future opportunities. Here is why:

  1. Your Future Jobs:

There was one day I was at work and my boss was interviewing a woman that wanted to work for us. Her experience was up to par and she seemed very interested in working with us. After the interview, my boss told us “Something did not feel right.” She gave off a bad vibe and made my boss not want to hire her.
When we go to these Jobs, it’s not all about your experience in a certain field or being in the top 10% in your class when you were in High School or College. Most bosses look at new-hires as the future of the company or brand. If the person hiring you doesn’t feel as if you can bring more to the company than you won’t get the job and that’s not based off experience. Your vibe tells more than you believe it does.


  1. Outlook on your life:

Keeping up your positive vibes not only looks good to others but makes you feel good. Negative things happen all the time and for you to look at a negative situation in a different and more positive way is not naive. It’s leadership. When things usually happen to me, I have trained myself to think “Blessing or Lesson?” This teaches me to always look for the blessings in a situation or learn from a situation and that helps me grow!

  1. Loving Yourself

I believe when you have positive vibes it brings even more positive thoughts of encouragement that you feel for yourself. We’ve all heard the saying “You need to make yourself happy before you want someone else to make you truly happy.” Your vibe is the first step to loving yourself then the rest will fall into place.


  1. Living Your Life to the Fullest

When you’re in a bad mood, you don’t really feel like doing anything. If you’re like me on a bad day then Grey’s Anatomy and Pizza are your #1 go to. But when you’re full of good vibes and happiness, don’t you feel like exploring new things and taking new chances that come your way in the day? Of course!! Because your body is in such a natural high that you just want more of it! Those are the times you most cherish in your life and become more priceless.


  1. Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

When I moved to a new state, I didn’t think that I’d get such an amazing friendship so quickly! Her vibe had all the great qualities I have and we literally call one another “The Other Me” with our amazing personalities, big dreams, and even our “Slow moment” times of the day! One of the most important part about this new friendship is that we push one another to be better! I believe that the people that you attract should be the ones that push you to be better and vice-versa!



You choose how you feel.  Therefore, be picky about vibes. Be picky about who you surround yourself with. You only live once and you owe yourself nothing but the best.


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