How to Take the First Step in 3 Easy Steps.


I have seen it plenty of times where people get too scared to take that first step into following their dreams. I have also been there! Whether it’s thinking you’re going to disappoint someone you love, scared of failure, or other personal reasons. That first step is always the hardest and scariest step to take. So I have written down three ways that will ease your mind a little more:

1.Understand what you really want

-Think about you in the future not taking this first step… Would you possibly regret not going after something you’re so passionate about? 

Do your dreams get bigger with every step you take after the first?

-At the end of the day, is this journey for you?

If you answered yes to these questions then you know what you really want and that’s what really matters. You live ONE life, YOUR life! So, you’re already half-a-step there!


If you’re like me and moving to a new state. Obviously, you have to financially prepare yourself. But, most importantly, mentally prepare yourself. It’s a new beginning, which isn’t a bad thing, but new is sometimes overwhelming. That’s why when I had free time I became a part of a group of millennial women that support one another and give advice. These women are either in the same boat I’m in or have been there.

The other thing that helped me was finding blogs and videos of people following their passions. Everyone always needs to hear an inspirational story that gives you chills. Especially before I moved I was working two jobs which somedays meant working from 5 in the morning to 11 at night. So, any type of reassurance of why I was doing what I was doing was always appreciated and taken into consideration.

3.Stop worrying about what can go WRONG 

This step speaks for itself. But, I understand the feeling of the first step happening and it feels as if time is going so slow but so fast all at the same time. Right when I got into Florida I had the thoughts of leaving people behind and not waking up to my normal routine. But, at the same time I was excited of finally starting what I came here to do in the first place. I’ve been in this new city for a moth now and the one thing on my mind is “Forward,”  not back. The people that matter back home will be cheering you on and you can only rise up.


1…2….3… (You got this)…Fly.


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