3 Incredible Things That Happen When Women Support Each other

Now more than ever, women are coming together in a very strong way. It’s not about ONLY believing in the strength of women.. But believing that we’re capable of way more than every one thinks we are and putting a limit on what we can do. If you aren’t linked together with powerful women.. I’ve listed three major reasons on why you should!


1.We Push Each Other to be Better

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up.” -Serena Williams

When you meet another woman who has big dreams like you do.. Hold each others hand and help each other rise. Build a sisterhood because success is sweeter shared! We help critique one another’s work to prove that we need to think and do bigger. Having someone who see’s just as big of a picture as you keeps you motivated to be better and to keep dreaming bigger. I believe that there’s not just ONE dream to conquer. Every day we dream more and we build new goals.  Once you think you’re at the top, there is always more!


2. We Learn New Things

“The Most Liberating Thing About Beauty is Realizing That You are the Beholder.”-Salma Hayek

Meeting women who may have more experience in a certain area than you do and you want to gain as much experience as they have, network as much as you can with that person. Looking up to other powerful women is always inspiring and empowered women will empower more women.

Recently, I made a new friend during my move. She is both a Feminist and Pakistani. We talk everyday and everyday I learn something new. She has opened my eyes more and more to things I have never thought about in depth before. She speaks on behalf of women of color and I think she is one of the strongest women I have ever met! She proves to me everyday that ALL women should stand together and rise.


3. We Run The World! Girls!

You Did Not Wake Up to be Mediocre

We share a very strong voice TOGETHER. From dreaming big together to standing up for what’s right. When a group of strong women come into a room, you feel nothing but power (like when Beyoncé walks onto a stage.) The power of women is limitless and we can conquer anything if we’re fearless.

Michelle Obama


Jennifer Lopez

Amani Al-Khatahbeh

Maya Angelou 

Marilyn Monroe

How many empowered women do you have to listen to.. To make big moves?


Rise up, Ladies.


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