Being The Girl No One Paid Attention To

When I think about high school, there’s a bit of a sour taste that comes to my mouth. I never really got a second look. When It came to grades, they were mediocre. But the main reason I loved going to school was to learn new music in choir. When I was young I had always loved music. But in high school, I knew I wanted a career out of it! Basically the only time anyone in high school paid attention to me was because they knew I had a beautiful voice. But, otherwise, I didn’t have any friends that really pushed me to be better or to really follow my dreams.

Throughout high school it definitely made me stronger being alone. I relied on myself instead of a stupid teenage boys. I also knew what I wanted to do, it was just the matter of how to do it. I think that knowing what I wanted in life that didn’t revolve around a guy made me very different than the rest of the teenagers my age and no one really knew how to relate to me about that.

Recently, I got a message from a guy that said “Wow, you’ve ‘Blossomed’ since high school.” I looked at it for a good minute and just started laughing at how ridiculous that sounded. I believe that everyone has their own path and journey but I was starting to ‘bloom” then and I’m still “blooming” now. But the only difference now is that people are  hearing my voice and seeing me make big moves for my big dreams!

Here’s the big picture y’all.

If you’re the person who never gets a text back, never gets invited to parties, and you feel like you’re the shadow of the people around you use this time to focus on you! 

What do you want to do with your life?

Who do you want to be?

You’ll be alright.


Keep hustlin’ your heart out!





7 Comments on “Being The Girl No One Paid Attention To

  1. You are certainly very wise for your age. Teenage boys are usually more interested in getting laid than serious commitment. Nothing wrong with it. Just that teenagers and men in their 20s need more life experience to grow up. When you learn about their innate traits early, you know what to expect hence less heartbreaks and disappointments. Invest in your future first then the right man will definitely come along. Guys in their 30s are more likely to settle down when they find the right woman 😉

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