The 3 Surprising Benefits of Play

What do I mean when I say “Play?”

Activities that make you happy and that make you, you

We devalue play when we were taught that being a grown up meant work = Being Serious

Is the opposite of playwork?

Here are the three surprising benefits of play: 

1. Stimulates Creativity


Do you remember playing with blocks, leggos, barbies, and other games as a kid? We would create something from our imagination, a story, and build more. We do the same thing now as adults just a little more grown up. Putting different outfits together, painting a photo, taking a photo, or dancing like no one is watching. You imagine it.. You do it.

This improves future ideas and possibilities in your work place!

2. Increases openness To Change

Whether it’s exploring new places in your city or moving across the country. It’s exciting and brings new adventures to your life! Moving across the country has expanded my thoughts to travel more and bring more to the table! More dreams have risen and I plan on accomplishing them!

Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you!

3. Continuation Desire

When you bring fun to the work place it makes you want to go to work and not dragged to go to work! We’re naturally drawn to play as humans. We lose a lot of built up stress and this makes us more productive in work and life!



The opposite of play.. Is depression!






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