3 Things To Take Away From Rejection

Rejection comes in many different forms. With a crush, job, friends, and other future plans. Does it mean that it’s you? No, it’s just not for you or just not the right time for you. You have to take away the lessons in these situations.

1.You always know the truth

You always know the truth by the way it feels. You may not know the whole truth, but you have a feeling that something doesn’t quite fit the puzzle. One thing we’ve been taught to do was to always follow our gut. But, we don’t really understand that until we’re much older. So, the more you live and learn. Think about the way you felt before a certain situation happened.. because your gut is your guide and no one can truly change that.

2. Understand your strength 

Like in a breakup. Learn to pick yourself up first before you rely on someone else to. What I have learned to do is to listen and read daily podcast and blogs that make me want to start the day and make a big move. It’s one on one time with yourself and that’s one of the most precious times in life, when your make yourself stronger on the inside.

3. Let go with peace

Move on and don’t drag a situation on for the rest of your life. As much as it hurts, it wasn’t the right situation for you, my dear. The best thing to do with rejection is to always let go and be better. Sometimes, rejection is the thing that pushes us harder and harder to work for something we’ve always wanted. Your dream is but another step away… Forward.

“Just when I thought I was being rejected, I was being re-directed.”







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