5 Things to Never be Sorry For

1. Needing alone time 

We all need time to hear our own minds every once in a while. I believe that’s when we truly find ourselves and learn what we want to do in life. Even when if it’s once a week, take a day to just be with yourself. Have a lunch date with yourself and walk around the park.

2. Your Past 

We all have one. Some more put together than others but sometimes we can’t control the way we grew up or may have been raised. Even if it’s a negative past, you’ve learned from it and it made you who you are today. Don’t be sorry for learning in your life.

3. Saying “No.”

I am definitely a “people pleaser.” If you’re like me and you just say yes to everyone, it gets exhausting. Even when I do say “No.” I feel bad because I want to help people but sometimes I need that time to do things for me more than other people.

4. Telling the truth 

We have all heard the term “Sometimes, the truth hurts.” and it definitely can. It can hurt telling a person the truth and you know it hurts the person hearing the truth. But, as humans, we know the true right and wrong. So you know what must be said.

5. How you feel 

Sometimes, we get emotional. I’m not the person to really cry in front of anyone but when I did. I would always apologize. When I was going through a hard time when my friend passed away.. Two days later I heard “You’re being too emotional about this.” How else am I suppose to feel about a good friend that past away the day I saw him? It’s been almost six months and I still find myself crying over the fact that he’s gone and I will never be sorry about needing to mourn a good friend. After that, It is very important to show emotion. Because some people may need a person to talk to or be there for them. If you don’t show emotion, how are they suppose to feel comfortable coming to you for guidance or comfort?


4 Comments on “5 Things to Never be Sorry For

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  2. I’m still working on the “Saying no” bit. I feel like I should be so past that by now but it’s still weird to me. The other day I thought about the people in my past that have said ‘no’ to things and it was so easy for them! haha I’m tryna get there! #PeoplePleaser over here too.🙋🏾

    I need my alone time as well (lots of it actually) and I make no apologies for it but everyone in my life kinda takes it the wrong way & gets upset or offended with me.

    This post is so me😀

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