Take Advice from the Mice

On November 18, 1928. Two little mice were created that made an incredible impact on the world. Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Something the world didn’t know we needed. As a disney fan, I’ve always taken the life lessons that the disney movies have taught us into consideration.. But we should never forget it all started with a mouse. Disney is all over the world and relates to everyone and it never stops growing!

   What advice should we take from them? 

Everything we need to achieve success, is inside ourselves. 


Mickey brings out the best in me with all the lessons he’s apart of in Disney. He teaches you to live without regret. That’s what he was really made off of. When Walt designed Mickey, he didn’t just make a sketch.. He made a personality. Walt was struggling financially and everything was going against him. Disappointment can either destroy you or shape you. Mickey is a symbol that even the smallest things can have an enormous amount of courage and hope. Mickey was Walt’s hero.

“Remember, you’re the one that can fill the world with sunshine.”-Minnie Mouse



Then came little miss Minnie who lightens up Mickey’s day! She’s the mouse that makes her Mickey better and encourage him do be the best mouse he can be. She reminds him to keep going and to follow the goodness in the world and to be the goodness in the world. If she can do anything to make someone feel better, she will do it.


88 years later and these two only grow together and make the best duo. Take the advice from the mice .. It all begins with a wish.


Happy Birthday Mickey & Minnie!




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