Why You Should Follow Your Fearlessness

Fearless: Free from fear

  Everyone looks at the word “Fearless” in their own way. Some people are fearless for doing daring things in their life. Some look at is as following your calling and taking a leap of a faith when the opportunity comes and theres no telling how far you’ll go.

I believe being fearless makes you and the people around you stronger. It makes you a leader and others will have more confidence to be their own leader.

Being a leader in your own life takes a lot of work, it’s not just saying “I want to do this in my life no matter what any one says about it.” It’s about making goals, doing research, and taking the first step to actually do it. Once you go, there’s no going back. One of my favorite things to do right now is use my Content Planner.  Where I list monthly goals to hit for my blog, social media, and life goals. Any idea that comes to mind, I write it down and take matter in my own hands by hitting it. img_1567

http://www.thecontentplanner.com/heymickey – If you help with planning your first step, I highly recommend this planner. 


One of my favorite current leadership examples from celebrities with a very strong voice is “The Black Eyed Peas” getting together for the first time in about 10 years remaking #WhereIsTheLove (Feat. The World) regarding gun violence featuring Kendall & Kris Jenner, The Game, Justin Timberlake, DJ Khaled, Usher, Taye Diggs, Jaimie Foxx., and so many more strong voices for a strong message.  This takes leadership and fearlessness because a lot of people, especially celebrities, are scared of the backlash that comes with talking about gun violence. But, there is obviously a problem in the society with it now and something had to be said. The Black Eyed Peas took the opportunity to talk about something their passionate about and make it stronger for other celebrities to take the chance to share a voice as well in the music video. I recommend watching the video in the link below and gain some inspiration.

Link: #WhereIsTheLove (Feat. The World)

Starting leading your own way.


2 Comments on “Why You Should Follow Your Fearlessness

  1. Thanks for sharing such a beatifual video and message I’ll be buying that song on iTunes😊. Now to take you back to my generation I offer you this video of “we are the world”😉


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