What No One Tells You About December and How to do it right.

Hello December, You are here again! Something about you makes the world feel more of a magical place. Is it the Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, Holiday Cheer, or never getting tired of Will Ferrell dressed as a human elf screaming “Santa!”? 


We all have different reasons and there isn’t a wrong answer. But, we can all agree that December is undoubtedly the most magical month of the year. You just need to understand these simple pointers no one tells you about to make an unforgettable December this year!

This is the last month of 2016


What you need to consider this month:

  • What were your beginning goals for 2016?
  • Have you met your goals or the majority of them?
  • How do you want to leave 2016? 

What do I mean when I say “Leave 2016”?

Do you want to be the person looking forward to hitting their goals for 2017 or reminisce on 2016?

December is a month to really take in how your year has been and you have Christmas to celebrate with family and loved ones and be thankful for all you’ve done this year. Don’t reminisce on what you possibly didn’t achieve. Tomorrow is a gift. Therefore take advantage every day you get of 2017.

How has 2016 shaped you this year? 


What strengthened you this year and what didn’t?

This is such a big thing to consider to make 2017 and even bigger year for you! What strengthened you as a person will come to your advantage for the new year. Then also take in to consideration that the things that brought you down will only hold you back even more and you can learn to live without it. Whether it’s a person, a situation, or anything else. Learn to let go this month and don’t look back!


Now, start making your list for the new year.








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