5 Simple Acts of Kindness to do this Holiday Season

What do you always look forward to come December? For me, I love making peanut butter balls with my mom. It’s a family desert that we make every year and I can already taste it. Not only does it taste delicious. But, so many good memories that come with it. From losing a tooth when I was little to getting our hands all messy. It’s times like this where December is my favorite month of the year and we really appreciate where we were, who we’re with, and where we’re at now. Also, I have this Mickey Mouse that dances to christmas songs! I always look forward to bringing that out every year.. the dogs hate it! I have a lot to be grateful for and when you’re in a place where you feel like you belong in the moment, you really take in the little things that make celebrating with family so much more special!

In this post I want to elaborate more on the little things. Especially this holiday season people are stressed about holiday shopping, cooking, work, and just life in general. Yet, this is mostly everyones favorite season. Because you’re saying “goodbye” to this year and saying “hello” to the new year. It’s magical and overwhelming at the same time!

From saying a simple hello to a stranger to doing a simple act of kindness… Will act as a ripple that gets bigger and will come back to you. This holiday season don’t just take in what makes you happy but try to make others happy. Here are 5 simple things that will make this holiday special for someone who may really need it.

  1. Pay for their coffee: As a barista, I see the happiness on other people’s face when some stranger wants to pay for their coffee for no reason. It’s the beginning of their day and coffee is the start of it. So, getting a free coffee to start your day is always uplifting to see for the person giving, receiving, and seeing (your barista.)
  2. Start a converstation: Even if it’s just saying “Hello, how’s your day?” or talking about the holiday season.. Meeting people will make them feel important and take something good out of the day.. your conversation!
  3. Wish them a happy holiday season: When I’m working I see a lot of people regularly or people that are just visiting. So, I always wish them a happy holiday and I get such a bright smile back. Those 2 seconds of wishing them the best holiday season is a deep act of kindness beyond just giving them their coffee.
  4. Write a “Thank You” Note: For those of you that go somewhere on a regular basis.. Write them a thank you note to let them know you appreciate them.. Especially if their working on Christmas eve or Christmas Day. Those are hard days to work and feeling appreciated for it is always heart warming. Even writing to a kind neighbor or mailman is always welcomed!
  5. Leave microwavable popcorn bags taped to a Redbox machine: I know this sounds weird. But, I say it not too long ago and thought it was the most unique and thoughtful act of kindness. I think that a lot of people should do this! This makes Redbox dates so much more enjoyable that you can be a part of.


“The Meaning in life is to find your gift. The purpose in life is it give it away.”

-William Shakespeare




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