You’re Not Living Your Life Right If You’re Not Obsessed With It.

You’ve all heard the quote “You only have one life.” Which is definitely true. But, it doesn’t quite get people on the edge of their seat. So, here is a simple question to get you thinking about how you’re really living your life:

When was the last time you felt you were truly living?

For some it may have been easy. For others, it may have taken you a minute to really think about what moments made them feel like they were living life to the fullest. Which is perfectly fine! The only way you live life wrong is if you quit.

“A winner don’t quit on themselves.”



Is there a right way to live life? I define being successful in you life as being happy where you are in the moment. There’s nothing that you can do to change the day you spent watching Friends episodes and eating cookie dough. But, you can change this moment and the moments you get after right now.

For the people that really had to think about the last time they felt as if they were truly living. A big exercise to start writing down your  goals on your bucket list that you want to accomplish  before your time comes.. What if this was the last Friday of the rest of your whole life? Studies show that when you write down your goals where you can see it daily and constantly be reminded of the big picture you want for your life… You’re a lot more driven to accomplish those goals.

Don’t let life limit you to a fully deserved life for yourself.




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