All You Need is a Spoon Full of Confidence.

How do you know if you’re 100% confident in what you do with your life and who you really are?

For me.. I am confident in the way I get my message across to other people. I am confident in following my dreams not knowing where it’s really going to take me. I am confident that one day I will find someone who will reciprocate all that I am and love me unconditionally. I am confident in my soul.

For the ones that don’t know how to find their confidence, it’s okay, we have all been there at least once in our lifetime and it’s simple but will take some time for it to really sink in.

Believe in yourself a little more every day. 

You can be confident without sounding vain. Nowadays, a lot of people are afraid to say that they’re confident because the word has been passed on as “cocky” or “too into yourself.” That confidence is the voice inside you and you should never ignore it.


Now that you understand the meaning of true confidence, what do you do with it now?

“Confidence isn’t something that blooms over night. It takes time.”

-Anne Hathaway

One thing I have learned this year is that my confidence has grown more and more and it’s turned into more self-awareness of the woman I am and want to be in the future. Think of your confidence as your guide in life and it helps you find who you are. Why waste time trying to be like someone else when being yourself is the best person you can be?

Being self-aware in your life is one of the most important things in your life because it shows your strength. It makes it harder for other people to try and bring you down and it makes it easier for you to keep yourself standing tall when things get rough. Rough days will never go away, so learn to deal with them now.


Studies show that people with confidence are the ones that inspire others to go out and be the doers in the world. Wow! What an honor that would be!

So, when you hear the word “confidence” don’t be shy to show the world who you really are. Accept every part of yourself! In the end, you is all you will have left.





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