How to Surprise your Doubt with Action

Doubt is one of the main poisons in ones dreams because they listen to the negative voice in their head telling them they can’t do it.

One thing I have definitely learned is that there’s always another way around a situation or hurdle that comes towards you. Don’t run away from the situations. Look at it and think of all the possible ways to get around it and still be okay. These hurdles are there for a reason and will never go away.

I have found constantly taking deep breaths when I feel overwhelmed. This is a sign of patience coming into play. This takes control of that negative voice in your head and helps your brain do the work you need to do in tough situations.


Patience has a lot to do with doubt and everything else that comes into your life. When you have that doubt in your mind, you’re focusing on “RIGHT NOW!” For the Millennials that are just starting your life… Take a breath because you have a good while to figure out the details in the things you want to succeed and put together a plan. But, your plan will always change in some way shape or form. You can’t predict the way you’ll become successful because you can’t predict the future!

For the readers that are in their field and having a hard time dealing with a situation… Take a breath and look at it from a birds eye view. The way you see things is different from how everyone else sees things. There’s always a way, its just a matter of doing it.

Being patient isn’t about the ability to just wait, it’s the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. The more you become patient, you will start to realize that doubt fades and every optical that comes your way is just another chance to become better!


“A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.”

-Gina Carey




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