5 Habits That Keep Making You Settle

We all have habits. But, It’s the habits that limit your life that you should quit right now and why..

Trying to please everyone


Being a people pleaser is great in some points. You put others before yourself and that shows a lot about your character. But, when does it become to much? Never lose sight of who you are and what you want to do because you’re too involved in someone else’s life to worry about yourself. You are the only person you have left in the end and you need to start making you happy first.

Fearing Change


I’m going to elaborate more on this in the future. But, change happens all the time and all around us. Theres nothing you can do to stop it but you can change your perspective about it. Change happens for a reason. Without change, you’d never learn something new or experience an adventure you’ve only dreamed about. Change can be scary, but hold on to a little faith and trust and it will be a beautiful transition.

Living in the past


We all have things that have made us into the person we are now. Good or bad it’s made us into who we are today. Sometimes fear comes into play and limits you to not take a leap of faith into something that scares you. The now is an adventure, so start living it.

Putting Yourself Down


This can also go hand-in-hand with Living in the Past. Certain events could have put you down in the past so that’s all you’ve ever known. You have no limitations when you become fearless. Fearlessness takes a lot of work and time, I’m still working on it a bit myself. But once you start thinking “Fearlessness” the courage, self love, and life will come your way.



Have you been in a moment when whatever you say can be one outcome or the other? You really want it to go in a positive direction, but theres still a chance it can go wrong.  Therefore, your brain is going in all different types of directions and you back out. This is when one of the most scary things to me come into play. Vulnerability. Being vulnerable is about  taking off the poker face showing that everything is fine and showing your true colors. As beautiful as your colors are, you’re scared. I can’t say that it will work out your way because you have a 50/50 chance of having life the way you want it. But, it definitely won’t accept you if you’re not even a little bit vulnerable. Stop the overthinking and take off the mask.




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