How to unmask your regret:

Have you ever walked away from a situation and instantly wished you had done something or at least said something?


Regret is something that definitely will get under your skin. Whether it’s with a loved one, job, or life itself.. It stings.

Once you start asking the “What if..?” questions. Theres a problem and you start to take a step backwards on the big goal you’re wanting to achieve. Whether its growing more in your life or finding it. Asking “what if” is making you look back.


Accept it

You know life has a funny way of using time. There’s nothing you can really of about that. Either it’s the wrong time to take advantage of an opportunity or maybe something bigger will be coming your way. Trust in the fact that whats meant to be will always find a way. You can’t go back in time and change it as much as you want to, but accept the fact that you have to keep moving forward.


Something was pulling you back from doing this and sometimes theres a reason for it. Was it fear? Maybe. But, take a step back and really look at all the reasoning why you reacted the way you did and pick apart the fear and the facts!


Fear or Fact?

Picking apart the fear from the facts can be a little tricky. So, here’s an example:

Walked into a bar and started connecting very strongly  with a guy. He has a girlfriend and you don’t live near each other. When the opportunity rises to make a move, you don’t. As much as your up for a challenge, there will most likely be a time where he doesn’t have a girlfriend and will find you. If not, it wasn’t meant to be.

In the moment you’re zoomed into one specific part of the story. Looking at all the valid details as well as the way you were feeling in the moment is how to really know if you made the right choice or not.

Trust your instincts.




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