Diary of an Underestimated Woman

In the past, I only wanted to be accepted by everyone else and to fit in with everyone else. Being little, I was the girl that wanted to try new things. I loved dogs, so I wanted to start taking care of other peoples dogs. In the summer, I was the girl with a lemonade stand. Then just about every day of my life, I’m still the girl that dances around her room pretending it’s a stage (and proud.)


Every idea that was expressed as a kid and teenager was always pushed to the side and was undervalued. Therefore, I felt I could  only write my ideas down and keep them to myself. I believed in me and that’s all that mattered.

I’ve had my failures but only came back stronger and stronger. Each time I had to rebuild myself I found the woman I really wanted to be then I put in the work to actually be her.

Taking that leap of faith in accepting myself was the best first step I could have ever taken.  This path that no one was on, I took.

After a couple more try and fail errors on this path.. I started to glance back at people following me. They were wanting to know what I’m doing now, what I see happening in my future, and people were congratulating and believing in me. Then I noticed that I was leading the path I was exploring!


My dreams became bigger, my heart became more open, and my fear does not take over. This made me more radiant to the people around me and maybe to the people didn’t see me before.

I was underestimated in everything I could accomplish for as long as I can remember.. But took that and turned it to self love and I knew what I deserved in life. A full life. 

My mom says I have champagne taste on a beer budget. All I want is a taste of my future. 



You live too full of a life to be half loved





5 Comments on “Diary of an Underestimated Woman

  1. Wow, I deeply relate to almost every word of this, right down to the champagne lifestyle comment my own mother also often makes about me. I hope to open my heart and follow my path as fearlessly as you are, thanks for inspiring me 🙂

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  2. Very nice read. I really enjoyed it. I love to find posts about empowerment, and I think you have captured the essence of individuality and personal growth. Well done, girl! Keep up the good work 😀

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