Why should you value Deja Vu?

Do you ever experience Deja Vu and cant pin point exactly where this has felt familiar before?
You have a moment of trying to figure out where in this past this is familiar, then you let it go, then silently in your heard start singing beyonce’s deja vu?


I’ve always experienced deja vu but since I moved I feel like I have been experiencing it a lot more.

Deja vu : The minds way of letting you know that you’re where you’re suppose to be.

Although that may be the Scientific definition of Deja Vu.. scientist also don’t know why people experience Deja vu and have been proved wrong in the past many times.


Therefore, the psychological reasoning behind deja vu also can be right. So, when you’re following your passion and in need that psychological push.. Take that moment of deja vu that comes to you and really reflect on the good that’s happening in your life and if you think you should really be here!

The last time I experienced deja vu was simply in the car with a friend, leaving a workout. After that moment I reminisced on where I am in life! I have met amazing and inspiring people, I’m starting to understand in detail what I really want in my life and how I want to do it, I am inspiring others, and most importantly I am making my dreams a reality. Which only pushed be to do better, be better, and believe in myself that much more!


Always compare yourself to the person you were yesterday and keep striving in everything you do. If I compare myself today to a year ago.. I wouldn’t really believe that I’m about to do the things I am doing now or that the opportunities that are coming my way would rise so quickly!

Make your setbacks into your comebacks and believe in the miracles.


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