7 Reasons to Date a Millennial

I have recently described a Millennial as “Women that dream bigger, work a little harder, and pave the ways for others to follow.” As a Millennial, we are determined in just about all aspects in our life. Determined women are definitely different but in all the best ways possible.


1. We will always push you to dream bigger


This generation of Millennial women are one of the hardest working women. We own our own businesses, do the undone, and stand together! Everyday we want to be bigger and better than the person we were yesterday. So for the one we love, we’ll put the same energy into helping them believe they’re capable of more than they believe!

2. We’re IndependentAngelina .gif

As a Millennial, you have to really be able to bring yourself up to accomplish everything you want in life. From confidence to finding your true self, we know how to stand strong by ourselves and for ourselves. All we want is someone to share the amazing moments with. So, we can be alone but for the right person we just don’t want to be.

3. We’re Ambitious 


If there’s anything I have learned about the Millennial generation is that we’re probably the most ambitious. We want to exceed not just our expectations in life but everyone else’s expectations! We love to try new things, help each other  rise high, and we don’t apologize from our failures… We learn from them! Therefore, life can never be boring when  dating a millennial.

4. We will remind you to see the bigger picture


Sometimes when life wants to push you down you have to be reminded of the bigger picture. A strong woman beside you to give you a second set of eyes is always a great asset to have in your life!

5. We stay positive when others complain 


This also goes with seeing the bigger picture.. At least one time out of the day we want to smile. In one of my last posts I explained that S-M-I-L-E means See Miracles In Life Everyday and that’s exactly what not only pushes us to stay motivated but will help our relationship when you need a contagious smile.

6. We learn from our mistakes 


We as humans are all far from perfect. We all make mistakes and have flaws. From career to relationships we learn from our decisions in life and grow. For every one thing that goes wrong there is always three things that go right. Growing together in a relationship is what makes the bond stronger over time.


7. We have confidence & class


What makes confidence in a woman so magical? It was created within ourselves. Everyday it gets stronger, even if it’s just a little bit. The thing about confidence is that it can’t be built overnight.. It builds with maturity. As millennials we do it with grace, class, and determination to be stronger than we were yesterday.




10 Comments on “7 Reasons to Date a Millennial

  1. I love this post so much. Every single thing on here is very truthful. Do you mind if I make a similar post? With a link to your original?

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