5 lies told about the millennial generation

1.“Technology is taking over!”


This is sort of true. But, in the sense that a lot of elders are saying it in a negative way is untrue. Technology is taking over in the greatest of ways. Everything is being done in the palm of our hands and plenty of people are making millions of dollars simply working off of their phone! Technology is also taking over the schools.. Our future generation is going to have to do just about everything with new technology. Studies have proven that kids working with technology has made school life more productive. Kids are adapting faster with new technological learning than just reading a textbook and answering questions like a robot in the classroom.

2. “Too wild!”


We want to live. What is so wrong with learning from your mistakes or adventures? This helps us grow and find who we truly are and want to be. What are the negative affects about taking a couple of months or years out of our LIVES to see the world or mark a couple of things off of our bucket list?

3. “This generation is too self centered and has no respect for the elders!”


We have to be a little self centered and that’s only because we want to live the life we deserve and live for what we believe in. So, if that means at first disappointing some family members or elders to make our own history.. We just have to take that chance of possibly failing but believing in what we envision as a life for not just us but for our children and generation afterwards.

4. “Their heads are in the clouds!”


We were meant to do the impossible! Think back to 100 years ago and how much has been invented by the geniuses that dreamed bigger than what they were just taught to do their whole life. Without them, we would have never imagined everything in this world that we have now.

5. “They are all so stubborn!”


Stubbornness is a refusal to budge in the most negative and closed mindset. Being stubborn only holds you back.. Kind of like Trump!
The Millennial generation is all about determination. Determination is positive. It feels light and will take us far. Determination is a willingness to change as needed and keeping an open mind which helps us grow.


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