Taking an Adventure with Courageousness

Having courage is a decision you make in life. What is courage?  It’s an adventure that requires 5 life lessons to really understand the meaning of the courageous life you deserve to live.


1. Not letting fear stop you


We all have our fears. But what is fear really? False Evidence Appearing Real. Key word: FALSE! Your mind will play tricks on you but will definitely show you what you don’t want in a situation in your life. Therefore, it is up to you to to not let that fear stop you from the person you want to be in this world and to keep pushing forward.

2. Being your true self


Everyone wants to be “like” someone else. Success doesn’t happen that way. If you’re being yourself, you will never lose! Why? because when you’re your true self you are comfortable and confident which brings authenticity and success. You can’t leave a mark on this world following someone else’s footsteps in life.

3. Having grace under pressure


No doubt that society has put a lot of pressure on the millennial generation to have it all figured out. Which is unfortunate because we don’t all have our future figured out and that is okay. We figure life out one day at a time with a graceful smile on your face. Why? because you know it’s all going to be okay!

4. Being Vulnerable


Being vulnerable is one of the most courageous things you can do but it is also the most terrifying. You’re revealing your heart and everything that makes you, you. But, it is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life because not only does it attract in everything that comes in your life but it sets you free.

5. Creating a world that no one else sees


Doing the undone is not only courageous but crazy in the best way possible. When life doesn’t please you enough, you just have to create it. When you create your own world you’re missing something the world before had too much of… Limitations.



All you need is a couple of seconds of courageousness to do the impossible


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