3 habits that keep you from being the Doers of the world.

I always hear about what people want to do and calling themselves “Doers”in this world but don’t really understand all it takes to actually be a doer. If you have something you want to change about your life you have two options… Either talk abut the change you want to make in the world or start doing it.

What stops people from being doers 3 major habits:  

1. Excuses 


Being “too tired” or “having too much to do to” is not going to get you where you want to be in your life. Following your dreams is all about going the extra mile to accomplish what you need to do in your lifetime. Lose some sleep, work a little harder, and say no to some of the things that won’t benefit you in your future. Without a little of bit sacrifices … your story won’t be as interesting!

2. Procrastination


“If not now, when?” We’ve all heard that saying but everyone always brushes it off and don’t really understand the true message it holds. When you procrastinate you are giving someone else the opportunity to follow your dreams when you could have started yesterday. Then, when that happens, you will wish that you would have started the night you stayed in watching Netflix. There are only so many tomorrows left in your lifetime.

3. Feeling sorry for yourself


Well, this thing called “Life” has it’s sucky moments. Does the person that complains about everything going wrong in their life and journey sound like the person you want to be?  I hope not! Because you are better than that person.

Everyone complains! It’s what we do as humans to get unhappy about something that goes wrong at some point in the day or week. But, it’s about what you do about it. Doers complain about something that goes wrong, then they understand the problem, and actually do something to change it!


Do more than just exists♥



♥ Love you, later.♥






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