The ultimate guide to crushing your big goals

What separates a driven person from an average person?

Driven people are focused more on their goals than their feelings. The average person will just focus on the way they feel the time of day and everything has to work around if they’re tired, hungry, overwhelmed, and so on. While the Driven would rather put in the extra work to finish their goal for the day than have lunch while everyone else is.


What is a goal? 

A goal is a dream written down with a date. Big goals in life and small goals are great! But the small goals are what keep you motivated in your big goals. Having a big goal like “I want to start traveling next year and blog.” is an amazing goal to have! But, the small goals like “I want to blog three times a week to build a wider audience for when I do bigger things in my life.” will keep the dream a lot more alive than just keeping it written on a sticky note above your desk and not doing anything about it. The little goals all add up!


What happens when you break down a goal? 

Breaking down your goals into steps become a plan. For example, since I want to start posting three articles a week to build my audience. I need a plan set in motion to actually do that. So, I plan my posts a head of time, promote on social media, and I engage with like minded Millennials. It sounds easy, but I take at least an hour out of my day to connect with people to become a part of my audience and even try to collaborate on ideas!

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Big things come into small packages. Your “small goals” need a lot of attention and you need to have discipline to try to accomplish them. When you start accomplishing one small goal at a time, it becomes more of an addiction to keep crushing it. Then what you thought was a big goal once you first started will most likely develop into a bigger goal!

Discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishment


Love you, later.



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