The Hidden Secrets Behind Comparison

In some way shape or form, we all compare ourselves to others. Whether it’s someone we glanced at for a minute throughout the day or someone we may look up to and their journey. But, when you really start to understand what your comparing… Is it really worth it? Here are three reasons I believe why comparing your dream success to others is going to bring you nothing but failure.

Brings insecurity 


When you compare your beginning to someone else’s success.. You will wonder if you’re worthy enough for such an amazing story or if you can even surpass the things this other person has accomplished. Well, if you really want to succeed.You have to understand that its not about surpassing someone else’s lifestyle. When they first started like you are right now they probably surpassed their own expectations of what they thought was going to be their success.

You’re not motivated to put in the work 


Comparing can also bring a bit of depression. If it’s not someone that you want to be like in the future, it could be someone that you have  known for a while.  Your lives are completely different. As we were going up we were always taught to finish school, get a degree,  get a job, start a family, and then live for your family. Sometimes that’s not the case because life happens and we can’t do anything about it. So, seeing someone that may be moving in the direction you wish your life was going will make you feel like “this is it.” When you and a friend both start at chapter one and their chapter may be going a little faster than yours.. doesn’t mean it’s not as interesting and won’t turn into a best seller!


You only see one perspective of success


Looking at someone else’s life from the outside looking in is never the best way to look at the story. Think about all the nights you may have stayed up late working or had a breakdown because life wasn’t really going the way you wanted it to. You never really tell anyone but the people you truly love, right? Right!

There are always some hidden messages in a story that you’ll never know but the author. Therefore, the part of the story you see will never be the real story. It will only be what the author wants you to see.


Don’t be bitter towards someone success. Their success isn’t proof that you’re losing. Their success is proof that it’s possible.


♥Love you, later



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