3 Lifechanging Tips for Your Next Chapter

Starting a new chapter in your life can be pretty scary. Whether you’re starting off in a new place or maybe graduating college. This chapter could bring a lot to the story and maybe bring some of the best adventures in your life.

Talking to a couple of good friends that are going to graduate I noticed a little bit of hesitation in which routes to take for their future. Do they look for a forever job now, or take advantage of opportunities that are coming their way? They’re smart, driven, and can definitely make a difference in this world. So, it made me think of these three tips to help them easily take the next steps in their life and for the right reasons.

You don’t need to know exactly where you will end upjoker.gif

Start now to understand that plans will change. Little or big. You can never really know what will come your way and change the game you thought was going to be your life. So, don’t freak out about going in a specific direction and thinking it will be your forever.

Take advantage of the right opportunities 


Hidden opportunities are all around us. Sometimes they are looked as something to do now until something “better” or “real” comes a long. But these can actually teach you some of the best things that will benefit you in your future. When an opportunity that comes to you that possibly won’t come to other people are some of the best life experiences that will come into your life.

Value relationships 


We’re growing up. The things we learn with guide us and the people we love push us to be better. In the future, linking up with future boss babes that have a job that you want or want to work with can be easy with simply respecting one another. Learn now not burn bridges now.

Make yourself proud. 

Love you, later. 



5 Comments on “3 Lifechanging Tips for Your Next Chapter

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  2. Very wise words my lovely. I wasnt sure what to do at uni, ended up doing languages and then married a Frenchman. I worked as a secretary through uni and learned to touch type (this was pre email circa 1996!) I worked in a supermarket which took me to customer services that led me to marketing. I now head up social media teams. And have two gorgeous kids who speak French and English. Funny how life turns out. Some of the worst jobs led to the best jobs. Do the job well, respect others and people will always support you in your choices and want the best for you I find.

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