The Most Effective Way to get your Creativity Noticed

Being a creator in this world is one of the most passionate things you can do in your lifetime. Making music, writing, art, and etc. There are so many creative people in this world that haven’t been recognized. Why is that? Well, there are multiple different reasonings on why. But, one that really sticks out to me is basically “giving up.”


Giving up isn’t all about laziness but sometimes fear or feeling unmotivated in what they’re accomplishing and who is really seeing it. For instance, I put in more work and thought into the content I post for my readers and my future readers. As much as I want the major traffic, followers, and collaborations now on this blog. I know it will come in time but I see it forming pretty nicely. So, putting in at least a little bit of work towards it a day is going to help accomplish my goal.

But here is one simple must-have tip to stay motivated to create and grow your audience:

Connect with your early adapters



What is an early adapter?

An early adapter are the first people that really recognize and acknowledge what you have created for the world.

Whether it’s a product, brand, or service everyone has at least a couple of early adapters to connect with. Simply connecting with your early adapters is about sustaining a relationship so that they can help shape the future of your creation.

Creating simply isn’t enough when you don’t acknowledge the people that are believing in your beginning.

 Taking time to understand the audience and sustaining the relationship with them can bring loyalty and trust for more to come. When they share, more people will pay attention to you and so forth. But they can also bring a different point of view to what you want to bring to your creations. Getting some helpful tips on what they would love to see from you and helpful criticism is pretty crucial for your beginning. It keeps you motivated to keep going but it also shows that people really care for what you bring to the world.

Start to understand your potential is endless and do what you were created to do.


Love you, later.






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