The Essential Traits to becoming Unforgettable

The biggest impression from first meeting people is their personality. How they made us feel, how we will remember them, and what we learn from them. Sometimes, you’ll meet someone for a short amount of time but will have such an impact on your life for the right reasons. I’ve always said that the people you know will change you, good or bad, you always take away a trait from the people you’re around.

What makes you a memorable person in this world and why?



Uniqueness, to me, is more of the vibe that others share to the world that you can’t really explain. Sometimes, it’s simple to you but not others. For me, I’ve always been the girl that people confide in for advice and talk about their problems too. I’ve never understood why but I believe that it’s the vibe that I’m a welcoming person to be around and I look at life in a different perspective than other people do.  Your vibe is your uniqueness and people will always remember the way you make them feel. Even when you don’t realize it.




I’ve always said confidence is contagious. Everyone always wants a little extra confidence in their life. Therefore, when you meet someone who is confident you kind of believe that you can be too. A confident person realizes there strengths and accepts their weaknesses. It’s a feeling of already feeling empowered enough in your own body that no one can really break you down.




Your pride says a lot about you. When a person takes pride in what shaped them to be the person they are today, it’s inspiring. Tyler Perry is a great example of this. He was creating scripts for shows and movies while living in his car. As hard as it must have been for him,  he’s explained that not only is he proud of how far he has come but how living out of his car really built his character and he wouldn’t take it back. Now when I see Tyler Perry, I respect him a whole lot more than I already did and it’s because he takes so much pride in the events that made him who he is today and there are so many more people in the world like that.

“People will never forget how you made them feel”



 Love you, later. 






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