The Hidden Beauty of Being an Unwritten Millennial

What does being “Unwritten” mean?

I believe that everyone is a little unwritten. But, especially the Millennial generation and other people who are starting a new chapter in their journeys. Being unwritten is about being the voice of your own story. Not exactly knowing what’s going to be on the next page because there’s no rule book or plan that needs to be followed for your life. We’re undefined, we’re unpredictable, and we enjoy the ride!


Being an Unwritten Millennial feels like a drop of magic only you can feel for yourself. It’s empowering, scary, and freeing all at once. No one can really speak the words that come out of your mouth, we live our life with arms wide open, we color outside the lines, and strive for happiness.

We trust the magic of our beginnings. 

I work and go to school, but a lot of my time and energy goes into trying to become who I am. That is what being unwritten is all about. Everyday you get closer to that person that you envision for yourself and you make yourself a little more proud. The closer you get, the more you realize that nothing is untouchable!


I get asked so many times what I’m going to do after this chapter of my life is over and I don’t have an exact plan. I have a bucket list of things I would like to do in my life and with my passion. But, sometimes you really can’t put into words exactly what you want to do if no one has done it yet. Therefore, why should I be expected to find a job that relates to my passion than make my passion my job? 

I’ve realized that my outlook on life is a little different, but maybe that’s exactly what my generation needs. Maybe I can be one of the voices of my generation, I don’t know. But, I do know who I want to be and every page in my story will follow that.

The page that is being written in your story now is now. Make every moment count.


Love you, later.

-Mik ♥



One Comment on “The Hidden Beauty of Being an Unwritten Millennial

  1. Your passion for life is all you need to fulfill your life! Your message is good for everyone, not just millennials. Excellent blog, Mikaela!

    Liked by 1 person

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