Why Accepting Myself Was The Best Experience Of My Life.

The best thing I ever did in my life so far is accept myself. With that has come a lot more clarity on who I want to be and what I want out of my life… An extraordinary life! The one thing you need to acknowledge is that you do not need someone else’s approval to live the life you want for yourself.


Not everyone will be on your level or see things the way that you do and you have to be okay with that. Because the only person that needs to be on your level is yourself. So, learn to be your own best friend and understand that your value doesn’t decrease when someone doesn’t see your worth or what you’re really made of.

Be determined on giving yourself the credit you deserve. Because when you’re determine, you’re unstoppable! 


The moment you accept your true self, it’s like you were blind to life. Forgive yourself for not seeing what you were capable of and not seeing what life is really going to bring to your table. Once you believe, you start to see what you have been blind to this whole time.

Live the life you have imagined.

Hercules - I Can Go the Distance.gif


Love you, later.




Todays Note to Millennials: Start everyday with a purpose

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