How to: Gracefully Move Forward in Life

Happy First Day of Spring AND National Happiness Awareness Day! 


Well, recently a friend of mine asked me “How do you be single so easily?” My first instinct was to first laugh at the fact that I just got asked that because who ever just asks anyone that question?

All jokes aside, I sat down and really talked to my friend about the fact that you just have to be overall happy with yourself. It may not be every day, all day. But, overall happy. It’s sometimes not easy, but the person you are now changes and grows everyday. Think about that… You can learn something new about yourself and your capabilities everyday!

So, you just have to learn to not find someone to make you happy but you have to create your own happiness.

So, get out of your little rut!


You are only as good as your mindset!

Life will sometimes try to bring you down but you don’t go down with it. People will try to bring you down because they are already below you and others will try to help you rise because they care. Which group would you rather put your energy towards?

Rise up my friends. Because you learn a lot along the way and the meaning of true happiness.

Spread the love to ones around you.  Because you need it and so does the world. Every generation that comes into this world is gonna get a lot of pressure for making the world better. Now, the pressure is on us Millennials. Let’s set an example for the next generation, raise the bar, and help them succeed as well.

Happy spring!

Love you, later.


Millennial Note: You are MARVELOUS! (Pass it on)


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