5 Ingredients To Help You Develop Your Personal Brand

One thing I have learned about figuring out your personal brand is that it takes a lot of digging deep into who you really are and what made you the person you are today. As hard as that is for a lot of people, I have the recipe for finding your personal brand that I have learned from other specialist that have helped me in the past. I have found these tips the most helpful in my journey and will help you dig deep for the beginning of your journey.

Step one:

Who are you?


As we go on to answer these questions they seem very vague and common sense. But, I encourage you to keep reading to uncover the mask under these questions and how they will help you.

When I ask “Who are you?” dig deep and explain three to five words that describe the person you are and why. For example, I am courageous, passionate, a dreamer, and a doer. All of these ways to describe myself have so much reasonings behind them, I am courageous for taking on new beginnings fiercely, I am passionate about my future, family, and friends, I am a dreamer because I like having creative and innovative ideas for my future, and I am a doer because I like turning my dreams into plans!

I came up these descriptions by starting out  a list with 20 words, then I cut it down to 10, then cut it down to the last 5 i couldn’t let go. I had to think about what words I was willing to let go of and explanations for the top 3-5 descriptions.

Step Two:

Where are you from?

34560_giphy (2)

When I ask where you’re from it’s not really about a destination but what made you the person you are today. My example, is that I am a black and white woman that was raised by a single teenage mom. This has made me independent, appreciative, and gave me so much drive to live the life I deserve.

So ask yourself these questions: “What events, people, etc, made you who you are today?” This is important for your brand because it shows your strengths and what’s really important to you for your brand.

Step Three:

Why are you here?


Why do you want to be successful? For your family? Money? Clients? What do you want to bring to the world and how do you define your success.

My example: I want to live the life that I have always imagined while making a difference and helping others rise. I define success is seeing the world and making connections all over the globe!

Step Four:

What are you capable of?


What makes you capable to not only define and start your brand but make it successful?

My example: Over time, I understand how to learn from my mistakes and not let them stop me. I look at the bigger picture and map out different routes to my success. Lastly, I don’t give up when the world says “no.”

Step Five:

Where are you going?



There’s no way to tell the future. Therefore, when I ask “Where are you going?” I am asking what is your unshakable vision to your brands clients. This is where your brands vision statement comes into play.

My vision statement: I pledge to the ones who haven’t quite figured it all out yet. That  together we will grow in every way possible. We will explore, love a lot, never touch the ground, and be doers of the world.

I hope that this was helpful to you all in the beginning of finding your personal brand.

Love you, later ♥




Millennial Note: If the plan doesn’t work. Change the plan. Never the goal.


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